Need help determining if Lugia from Neo Genesis is Misprint

Hmm, interesting. The card definitely looks real, which is the first step in determining whether or not it is a misprint. The holo all over the card does not seem too far-fetched as a misprint as well. I’m not too knowledgeable about Neo Genesis Lugias, but this definitely seems like an interesting misprint to me, and possibly worth slightly more than a regular Lugia.

I don’t see any super obvious indications that it is fake. There are a lot of sets where it’s common to see the holofoil through the outermost layer of paper.

I actually just spent a good amount of time talking to @poketrade about this occurrence. He personally opened several boxes of Rising Rivals that had this effect. We know that Secret Wonders often has it as well. For promos, the most recent English McDonald’s promo set had groups of them that came out with this issue. One thing we postulated was that poor protection against humidity could possibly saturate the outermost layer, creating a minor lucidity that would allow the holofoil to appear all over the card.

I have no evidence of this being the case. it is just a theory. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the materials used and the process of making a holofoil card could give additional insight into why we see this occur from time to time.

I’ve actually had similar effects on some of my older Japanese holos. I personally like it.

Is it peeling at the edges? Or are the edges totally intact?

Someone posted a Dark blastoise with the same thing on reddit

I saw a few cards like this from Neo Genesis with peeling edges. I couldn’t tell if those were real or fake, but they looked almost identical to the card you have. Either way, your card seems perfectly legitimate. It is really interesting.

looks completely legit to me.