What’s up with this card?

Is it fake or an error or is it normal?


@bluey.:* – Is it the holofoil pattern that has piqued your curiosity, or is it something else entirely?

I hope it’s not fake. That card looks pretty amazing.

A lot of the Secret Wonders cards had that holo pattern. I remember I did a box break a long time ago and just about every holo extended outside of the illustration.

Really? I just pulled out my D&P binder and didn’t see a single Secret Wonders card like that :\

@smpratte – Yes, I agree. I just realized my Mew (Secret Wonders) has a similar holofoil design.

Wow, that Mew looks beautiful. Now I’m super jealous - I want some of these holos :neutral_face:

@daelum – You should obtain all twenty :wink:

Pfft okay. Just another set for me to collect haha

Oh, great. There’s more. Now I have to put together a list of what sets had which cards that did this, then go find them all :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 first edition base set cards that are kind of like this but only about a quarter of the card is missing ink. They look cool and I figure it’s a similar concept.

Pictures possibly? ;D

Pictures please!

Would these kinds of cards be considered errors or misprints?

All three are PSA 10 I pulled them from packs from the same box. I have no idea what they would be considered but I doubt I could capture it with a camera. It doesn’t show up on my scans. They are noticeably missing a layer of ink and the holo shines through but 1st base cards are so dull with their holofoil. Might be hard to see unless in person.

My Mew has it too :grin:

I know this has passed by now but I found this auction www.ebay.com/itm/Foil-ERROR-MISPRINT-Shadowless-Gyarados-Pokemon-1st-original-Base-set-card-6-102-/120935918748?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c2857ac9c It looks exactly like my first edition cards except mine are mint. Since you asked for pictures here’s the next best thing :wink:

Wait, Jason, you opened a 1st edition base box?!

Nope I bought almost a half box from Joey and opened them. It was a money losing experience and I’d prefer to forget about it!

Sorry to hear that. :confused: it is always a huge gamble with boxes, especially the most expensive.

Absolutely. Joey’s box was brand new and sealed yet naturally most holos graded 9’s, interestingly enough the 3 with the printing error were the only ones that got a 10. And don’t even get me started on the rares…the only thing saving me is that I’m grading some commons and uncommons of value (ie pikachu etc) and selling them. I still have a hoard of those packs but I’ll never open one again.