Error Pikachu OR Fake ?

Ok, so after seeing the Japanese black white set - secret rare pikachu, I have decided I want that card. So while hunting on ebay, I cam across an English secret rare pikachu except this one is like a normal holo rare from the BW era sets. SO I am very broke atm, and can’t buy it to see what it is - but maybe this is either a really rare misprint or some very good fake counterfeit of a card. Any ideas??

think it may be a box topper if you ever purchased the booster box?

I’ve never seen it, either super cool error or hella fake

But I’m leaning towards fake

Fake, look at his other cards, all fakes

Yeah, lol’d hard @ Zekrom full-art. :grin:

Those are faker than my sister in laws boobs.


Ok, I will check his other cards, as I did not earlier. I am not buying but very interesting.

I like what the card says on the bottom right lol. You are VERY lucky to have found it.

LOL I died :rofl:

The real card also has that. Never noticed it. If this fake had been like 2 bucks, i’d buy it for its novelty value. But 20 bucks for a fake…?

Lamest flavor text ever.

Maybe pay for it with a fake 20 bucks? :blush:

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Haha, might be the right way to deal with it