SNAP Cards! the other illustrations that could be chosen...

Now we know that the SNAP cards are absolutely hard to find and there are very, very limited prints.
According with Bulbapedia the cards printed are 10, 5 choosen from the CoroCoro Best Photo Contest and 5 from 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest.

The 10 best photos are selected and printed:

I’ve found other pictures taken for the 2 contest from the Japanese N.O.M. (Nintendo Online Magazine).

All the gallery images:
Page 1 /Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4 / Page 5 / Page 6 / Page 7 / Page 8 / Page 9 / Page 10 / Page 11 / Page 12 / Page 13a / Page 13b / Page 13c / Page 14 / Page 15a / Page 15b / Page 15c / Page 16a / Page 16b / Page 17a / Page 17b / Page 18a / Page 18bIMHO I think that there was better picture to choose! for example on the Page 6 there is a beautiful Charizard and at Page 9 Zapdos.



This is a great topic! I’m gunna read into this after classes

This is a great find!

These jigglypuff shots are perfect. At least half of these photos should be made into cards.

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The angry Meowths :laughing: lol


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I have a sticker card with snap pictures on it from japan…

Great cards,I didn’t know there was 10 of them.Anyone know how much they sell for?

I thought the exact same thing. It looks like she is saying to the contest judges, “are you not entertained?!”

Oh man, I didn’t realize they were photos of any Pokémon. I thought they had to be one of the specific ten printed. This is pretty neat!

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Hmm, its interesting having played this game when I was young. Í think they might of choose the 10 cards, based on the angles and difficulty of the in game shot. Some of those shots are pretty hard to come by in game.

I would have KILLED to see cards of THIS and THIS GYARADOS!The former looks like he’s using Hydro Pump, the second just looks badass. Why’d they choose the goofy one with his tongue flailing?

… And why do I still yearn to have it in my collection? ; - ;

Please do share! :grin:

Also, does anyone know if any of these were made into “official” things like flats?


You know what’s hilarious about a lot of these winning entries?

Professor Oak in Pokemon Snap would probably give absolutely terrible scores to many of them. This is coming from somebody who was tortured by Professor Oak’s arbitrary scale of bullshit scoring as a 24 year old adult back in 2012.


That sandslash would be super awesome.
I actually like the bulbasaur that was printed the most of every option anyway.

Thanks for sharing this! Really, really awesome find.


Hush you! One’s stylized! :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite is still the koffing snap card. So glad they didnt make the kangaskhan pic into a card cuz i’d be in A LOT of debt if they did lol

This ones great too lol!!

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Sigh… freaking professor oak… and his harsh judgement on those beautiful pokemon snaps. His so contradictory.


Karmic justice at its best.

Blockbuster in USA made Pokemon snap machines. You could get a card (like credit card)as part of it. Memory is a little fuzzy as I was a teen back then. I recall something like - You could bring your game (with save file) to the machine and select your photos, then turn them into stickers. They came out as neat little rectangle shaped stickers. I still have mine, as I could never stand to peel or use them. Tricky part is where I put them…

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Look at that oak, lol

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