Snap cards

Come on, we had to do this at some point, I might as well it now :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who need a reminder, the Snap cards are amongst the rarest of the rare. I don’t know a huge amount about them DJ’s friend did some translating over at the 'gym which I’ve kinda stolen for here:

These special cards were made as part of a campaign, which was in memory of the release of nintendo64 game “pokemon snap”, a game where you become a cameraman and take photos of pokemon. The dreamlike contest was this, they selected the best photos contributed from the fans, and these photos were made into a pokemon card which was given as a prize for the winners.

and pic:

(hope you don’t mind me taking your pics smpratte, let me know if you want me to upload my own!)

The translation is for the text on the page in the pic.

I believe they actually came in two different contests, as per (and this is something all of the main dealers I’ve spoken to agree with)

In terms of how many exist, I have never got a definitive answer from anyone. They are not in the hands of anyone on here (I’m assuming), which is surprising given the calibre of collectors here. mentioned one was on Yahoo auctions about a year ago, so my question to her and everyone else is how much did it go for?

Post all other info about the cards here too, maybe one of us can mount a bit if another shows up!

I think promo_sen sold them privately, which is interesting.

Koffing for $650 is a bargain, I would’ve bought it at that price!!!

Yeah last summer was big for collectors, I doubt we will see anything like it for a long time. Having all three 1997 pikas on ebay and the illustrator, as well as the snap promos that appeared, it will be difficult to top that.

well i saw the auction of that koffing in live, and when i decided to buy it 20min later it was sold…damn it! it was definately a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a snap card that cheap…
i am very curious when the next snap card/s find their way to ebay/YahooJ

That Koffing could possibly rank as best bargain ever!

Sandman - sent you a PM re that database of yours :blush:

Any idea what a full Mint PSA 9/10 set of 10 would go for?

a full set would be an incredible feat. The only person I know who owns multiple cards is Jimmy Hume, thecardcollectoruk on ebay. He has four of the 10 cards, and each usually goes for at least 1k.

I am not sure what the value would be if there was a graded set, but it would be unbelievably high, and deservedly so.

I wonder how many cards are actually out there… do we even know who actually has the rest? Like, at all?

wow that does raise a few questions on them.surprised to see none of em have poped up if they are that rare then there must be at least 2 of each or less than.but wow $650 for one card dang

yea thats true lol forgot about that card being over the 500 mark.

Yeah 650 is a great price for one of these cards.

why? It’s not obsenely rare and isn’t an overly playable card (being a player myself). Why’s it fetching over 500?

Also, the rarest cards are not ones that are great for playing, or even legal to play. If you look at the no. 1, 2, 3 trainers from any tournament, they are so valuable because of the extremely limited number that exist.

The great raichu is a great example of a card that is earned through a system that has been around for awhile in pokemon. The raichu is similar to the fan porygon and eevee from back in the day, which are very difficult to find.

I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of either side here really.

I am the minority who wants cards such as Great Raichu to be released in English. OK, so perhaps they don’t need to be in random sets right next to cheap cards. If that’s the only way to get these cards in English, I still think that’s better than not getting the card at all.

I’m also not a huge fan of the way the Daisuki Club (and its predecessors) work. The points system is totally insane. I mean, you get 10AP for logging in once a week, but only 50AP for winning tournaments? (Is that how it works?) Seems like an ungodly amount of dedication. I guess the incentive is there, but still - sees like these cards are only made so they can be sold to us collectors for financial gain.

I don’t really know how the situation can be made better. As long as we keep buying, people will sell. All I know is, $600 would be much spent on a Snap card than on a Great Raichu IMO

Yeah I want to be the first to obtain all 10 snap cards PSA Mint Graded.

Yeah you would be the first, they are extremely rare, I do not know anyone who has more than 4.

lol has anyone even seen these cards in person at all as is understandable to see some cards from japan get printed out in english like nothing.though it is kinda stupid how the Daisuki Club points work get so little for winning stuff and no wonder people had to work their butts off to obtain the gold star eons

How mutch do you think that Koffing is worth?

I have been informed that 10 sets total exist, yet I have no idea who owns a total set. I would love to be able to obtain and a afford :sweat: a set.

Regarding PSA they do not grade those types of cards, well unless you happen to be smpratte :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry Scott, it just still baffles me to this day that you had gotten the 9th lucky stadium graded and the sample set graded)

An entire PSA-10 set would be IMO $150k with the Magikarp fetching $50k at least :stuck_out_tongue: ;D (awaits ebay scams of Pokemon snap promos, especially Magikarp…)

Yeah I have my ways, oh yes :blush:

Actually what I did to get them graded is just typed a well written note with loads of links and a dense description on each. I never had an n9 actually except on the mysterious pearl which i forgot to add the info, then when i did they graded it.

But if I had a snap card please believe it will be graded :blush: