06/04/2012 - Snap Koffing

Hahaha James may! I’m glad there is some one else who is a top gear fan too!

What a nice card, thanks for posting!

@frostyfluxy(Laughs) I loved throwing pester balls at this thing.

are there any of these cards for sale? the only snap promo i can find on the web are those bloody pikachu’s lol.

No, not at the moment :confused: I know Jimmy Hume is it? (owner of card collector UK) - He has a few but is not looking to sell.

hey much are the koffings worth - as a rough estimate?

the number in existence is unknown does anyone have a rough idea as to how many there may be in circulation?

@the PSA kid – A common theory is that one set of the winning illustrations were distributed amongst the contest winners. There were two contests: Coro Coro Best Photo Contest and Nintendo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest. The top five winners from each contest were chosen to have their artwork featured.

Coro Coro Best Photo Contest

:black_small_square: Bulbasaur
:black_small_square: Poliwag
:black_small_square: Magikarp
:black_small_square: Gyarados
:black_small_square: Pikachu

Nintendo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest

:black_small_square: Koffing
:black_small_square: Charmander
:black_small_square: Squirtle
:black_small_square: Articuno
:black_small_square: Chansey

I am uncertain if they distributed both sets to the all winners (i.e. ten of each card), or only awarded five sets within their respective contests (i.e. five of each card). I believe it is ten of each card. Scott has also claimed that there are ten:

thanks for the info unique username. Do you know what this card would be priced at, roughly. it’s really intriguing.

@the PSA kid – I do not know its exact value, due to its obscurity. However, I do remember two Koffing [Nintendo 64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest] – one sold for $600 via Jimmy Hume (a.k.a. The Card Collector UK) and the other sold for $800 via Yahoo! Japan.

i see, i wonder if jimmy hume has more as stated by mkpokecc. would be amazing to own such a card.

No he does not…I actually e-mailed him few days ago :stuck_out_tongue: He has Chansey, Bulbasaur, Gyarados, and Koffing …one of each I am assuming as he made it clear he is not selling.

Top gear is the best!

On topic, pimpin card. I love the snap cards

sure is pimpin, that koffing DA BOSS!

Funny how it doesn’t really look like an expensive card.
The only thing that makes it look special is the little camera icon. :blush:

I love expensive cards that look underwhelming, University Magikarp for example. I find that the unique art on some of the snap cards like chansey or pikachu where they’re really zoomed are cool.

That snap pikachu sold for sooooo much.

How much did the Pikachu sell for?

I thought he said 6k but I could be very wrong.