are there people with snap cards here?

so i was wondering if there are people here who actually own some (maybe all?) pokemon snap cards and could maybe show some pictures. i have never seen one or a picture of it in my whole life. same goes for pre release raichu.

google O.O

maybe i’m not googling good enough but when i search for snap cards i’m only getting these pictures from bulbapedia. while i was looking for the real deal (someone holding 1, in a binder or a PSA case)

Oooo snap


I’ve got a Snap Pikachu, the rarest of them all for sure

Here is a UPCCC thread that includes the ten SNAP cards pictured at the top and also a lot of similar art that was stumbled upon that you might enjoy looking at.

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Wow I didn’t know half of these existed - there’s another ‘snap’ Pikachu?! I was joking about mine, I have the $10 Trainer Mag one :blush:

No, only the ten images lumped together at the top are actual SNAP cards.
There is only one SNAP Pikachu.

Well, technically the Wizards #26 Pikachu promo is an image from Pokemon Snap, much in the same vein.

Those are really rare, I doubt more than 1-2 people have them. I really hate that these weren’t reprinted. At least in Jumbo form it would’ve been nice.

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Oh… Those babies are so sweet… :laughing:

I don’t think I will ever complete the set… Sigh I would Probs have to sell everything I own currently to afford them… But they r never listed.

I only seen a gyarados and squirtle lisTed within the past year

I’ve seen the same Gyarados photo listed by 2 different sellers in 2 different countries - one just added a watermark. Not sure if it changed hands and it’s legit or something shady is going on, but I didn’t even bother to make an offer because of this.

Current: —> In UK

I’d seen it before with the EXACT same photo (down to the spacing in the corners) listed from a location in Japan by a different seller but without the watermark.

*By the way I’m not saying it’s not legit (guy has 6k feedback) but it may be some type of consignment deal and he may not have the card in his posession - always have to be weary

If its from the UK card collector it’s legit, simple as that.

so no other snap cards aside of promo pika and gyarados? also i dont trust that gyarados

i have always wondered what gyarados was eating there. or is it his tongue?

I’ll just cut it clear here so we don’t end up with suspicion and rumors:

There are two SNAP Gyarados on the loose.

So no worries.

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It’s his tongue. He bursts out of a waterfall and roars with his tongue popping out after evolving from a Magikarp that the player had to throw things at earlier in that level.