Found this cringe fest from my childhood..

I liked pokemon cards so much as a kid that I tried to design my own and trick my friends to to buying my custom cards… yea, I have been proxy custom card filth since I was 7.


Looks like Vending 3 cards :wink:


The Pikachu :zap: is awesome :ok_hand: :100:

these are real cool.

Love the Pika!

I’d probably buy some of them they look good haha

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How much for the set? :wink:


I love this! There’s a box somewhere in my mother’s basement that has custom made cards that my sister and I made as kids! Thank you for bringing back those memories! I want Firenute to be a real Pokemon.

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Love the consistency of the backs, and you even have made some holofoil cards. :grin:



The amount of detail for a 7 year old is amazing! I really like Pikachu, and one of the last ones, Guanto. Nice share

Ooyama, is that you? :rofl:


Super Creative. I wonder what your artwork looks like now.

I kinda love them. Nice job

haha wow im surprised you guys actually like them… thanks for the kind words, I’m sure my 7 year old self would have loved to read them! :wink:

I still can’t get over that side face of that guy sooo bad lol. also pikashu is too fat imo lol

haha thanks!
You can take a look at some of the stuff I do now:

My avatar is also some of my work too:



@galacticmuffin, love your art style! Seems like you really took it to another level. :stuck_out_tongue:

when you where 7 you gave “zing” 888HP and 300 hit point attack, i assume to make him the strongest.

about 20 years later and probably in the next MEGA V SUPER MAXIMAIZED EVOLUTION thing…he will get kicked by some megikarp. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: