I’ve been following this artist on tumblr since last year!

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Those look awesome

Thank you for sharing this

I’ve also purchased a couple painted “extended art” cards. I got mine through someone called “KBNY” on FaceBook or something like that.

They’re really neat and make great desk decorations!

I’d love to have a whole custom base set like that :grin:

I want to do this too. I contacted the person who made those but since they had just been shared on reddit they were getting swamped so couldn’t take my order. :slightly_frowning_face:

edit: just mean my own custom mini set (like 12 cards), not a base set only

Yeah these have been around for quite a while. It’s not just one person that does them though so I’m sure that if you wanted you could find another artist to take your commissions. I always find it interesting how different artists end up interpreting the bigger picture as there are always slight variations yet a lot of details remain the same.

I’ve had a few commissions done over the past year or so, some significantly better than others. Definitely enjoy having a variety of artwork/takes on the cards themselves. Once finances are in order I’ll probably be pursuing some altered art cards from the two artists shared in this thread so far - really like their work too!

(I share that link so if you’re interested in contacting one of the artists you can)


Ive done some myself

Yea these are wicked cool! Especially when they are joined into 2 like legend cards.

I saw another spin with cards that someone else was doing and gave it a try myself by using 4-5 of the same card and cutting out certain portions to make the image look 3d. That was pretty cool

Was that you with the Pikachu?

Nah, never posted them for show. But fwiw I managed a clefairy, karrablast and vulpix that turned out ok. Prob is that the more intricate the cut the worse it looks. Pikachu I could see as being easier

I did a Base Set pikachu, I’ll post some pictures when I get home.

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I saw this on instagramidge i think, its pretty awesome.

Needs some work, but:

Something like 13 or 14 Base Set Pikachu cards. I’d like to clean it up or redo it but haven’t gotten around to it.


That is such a cool idea!