Pokemon Card Art (Altered Cards, Painted Cards, etc.)


something different :grin:


I absolutely love them! I might ask her to do a pikachu!

Amazing! I’d definitely get cards done…

If you guys enjoyed those cards, then check out this video, it’s something that’s fascinated me since I found the video. Unfortunately the artist wouldn’t reply to my emails :confused:


SOLARBEAM! that was a great video! now we just need someone to combine the 2… 8)

If you are interested in having cards like that, I think I’ll give it a shot and see what I can do if you’re interested. Here are some experimental works I’ve done:

And I gave these two to the Charizard Authority last spring:

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I’m moving some posts from the GAT into here because I derailed that thread… bear with me!

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HAHA yes that Pokemon Card Dress one always makes the rounds on facebook and the like. I know what I’m doing at the next ABC party! Mind you I don’t know if it will be quite so alluring on me…

WOW AMAZING. I love seeing stuff like this. It’s the artwork that keeps me going in Pokemon.


LOL yea that dress pic was the first thing that came to mind when i saw the title of the thread :blush:

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Wow, that Dragonair… just wow

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Has anyone successfully made contact with either of the card altering artists mentioned in this thread? In the past I have attempted contact and not been successful. I’m thoroughly interested in obtaining one.

Quite nice work from everyone showcased. The card art is awesome, I should probably give it a go if I get some time.

I love the painted work, and the bloke who seems to of gauged into the card, and created some sort of inversed lino print.

Do you know how much the painted ones we’re selling at ?

Also, it reminds me of what they do with marvel cards now days, they have sketch artist cards 1 per 36 booster packs. People buy marvel boosters for the sketch and hand made artist cards. Maybe pokemon can consider it ? hehe

Attempt #1 = Faaaaail lol I gotta keep trying though, now I am determined lol


hahah good effort @richiel1991 ,actually is quite surrealist almost. Nice to see you keep at it.

Hahahaha thanks! I think those guys were able to blend their painting in so well because they bought high quality paint. It took me a while to paint over the name Caterpie. I’ll test it out again eventually.

We need to get some of the dudes that paint warhammer to help us out :wink:

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Keep at it! I’m anxious to see what your next one looks like

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Work in progress


custom espeon pls