Do you collect Extended Art / Custom Cards?

I didnt find a thread about this, but it’s as simple as the title: do you like this kind of stuff? extended art cards, or customs when it’s about your fav pokemon. Share them if you have any! (obviously im not talking about knock-off cards from Aliexpress or something like that!)

I have just a few, starting with this two lovely Psyduck extended art cards by PokeCardsArt. Good thing about this artist is that he send the original drawing and not a print so you can touch the surface and feel how it was actually made, It’s actually great!

Also, as a bonus, got this on IG like a year ago and I found it actually extremely cool :sweat_smile: Artist is Rushfortacos, you can check the holo in movement here and here , This of course are ‘mass-produced’ as it’s not an artist working over an existing card. Still the holo it’s really good and they look amazing in a binder with the og Charizard!


Abra and Dragonair are S tier arts from base set. Here are a couple extended arts I bought ages ago


I still prefer buying the real cards, but the extended art ones look very nice. I actually have that same Blue eyes. I was given it as a gift. It looks pretty cool in person!

Great idea!, Here’s mine I had painted some time ago, absolutely love the result, I sent these out to Mizucat in Germany :ok_hand:


Dude the Metalgraymon looks absolutely incredible !

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I used to collect them for the Base Set Pikachu, but haven’t bought any new ones in a while since everything has become more expensive and I had to cut back collection goals here and there. I do still keep a list of new artists I come across on IG, reddit, and alike in case I ever want to contact them. :slight_smile:

But here all the ones I have, as a quote of my ‘Pikachu around the World’ collection part of it:



These sorts of alters are pretty common in the MTG word, especially since there are a lot of people looking to “bling out” their decks rather than collect condition.

Here are a few I bought roughly 10 years ago. I haven’t bought these sorts of things recently since I haven’t played commander in a long time (EDH)

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this guy is the real master though. Every now and then he will auction off a card and they routinely sell for $1,000 + despite a normal copy usually being worth no more than $50.

Two I’ve picked up over the years :slight_smile:


ok this is amazing, it blow my mind :hear_no_evil: not just the cards but also the recap you did with dates, links and everything! Im a disaster with this kind of things so watch you having all that so organised wow! I have to say that a thing that surprised me the most is not seeing any Seviper custom/altered art card :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I thought about getting an extended WotC #21 Moltres promo or Seviper before, but just never did it.

I do have this amazing Seviper made from Energy cards, though (from poke_monty of IG):


damm, this is pretty cool as well! im starting to think there is anything you dont have haha. Just found this on IG :eyes:

@pokecollectoramy i really like the Blastoise but the Rayquaza it’s stunning, Id love to see a miniset with that kind of dark-sketchy look on the TCG!


Fan art can be incredible. Remove the term “card” and some of the designs are sublime.

Was going to post in the art thread, but felt this was more appropriate… I guess I’m reviving this topic! :sweat_smile:

For years, I’ve wanted to make a solid Crystal Steelix card. Lots of photoshop to create the image, and thought in the card text. Gymleader Giovanni on IG made it happen. Not normally a fan of orica, proxi, or replica (ie fake :unamused: ) cards, as many are just excuses to make a near-copy fake card. But as long as they are clearly not real cards, I love the idea. This get’s a prime spot in my Steelix collection.
I figured a crystal onix would develop :zap: type, hence:

  • Yellow glowing eyes
  • Attack names refer to the old US company General Electric “GE”
  • Glistening end is basically explosion, but also a James Bond reference just for fun.
  • There’s even a swirl in the sky where the sun might be, and the foil reflects really well in the cavern walls and water, which I really worked and hoped would happen.

These creative collaborations are always my favorite things. and much respect to those artists that do put their time into custom cards.


The holo effect on that card (and the art box in general) looks great! Pretty cool custom card :slightly_smiling_face:

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