Pokemon cut cards with 3D effect!

Browsing a bit 'of pages looking for some cards I found this page. nandemotukuruyo.blog101.fc2.com/blog-category-13.htmlThis boy / girl creates 3D effects by cutting and pasting multiple copies of the same card.
The end result is really nice and I think I’ll try to create one as well :stuck_out_tongue:
Card cut 3D effect

What do you think about that?

Someone posted this on reddit as well: www.reddit.com/r/pkmntcg/comments/1il97d/3daltered_a_mankey_card_link_in_text_is_there_an/

Here’s the same guy’s facebook page as well: www.facebook.com/Edguise88alters

Cool! I love this sort of art!

I think the idea is pretty amazing. It’s a nice alternative to ‘ordinary’ collecting. In order to do this accurately tho you gotta be very precise and put in a lot of work and time. This kinda reminds me on when I saw this guy on youtube who was removing the holo pattern of his cards with nail polisher to have a cool ‘ghost’ effect. I’ve tried it myself and it really takes time.

I will be trying this. :grin:

That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen…ever. Thank you so much for sharing!

I just learn how to do the 3-d effect… I want to do one for the pokemon illustrator card, but I have to cut the card… and I need like 3-5 illustrator card… LOL anyone wanna donate me some pokemon illustrator cards?


You should let us know how to do it Elam! I would definitely try one

I’m going to try it with MTG token cards first since they’re useless… I’ll do a video once I practice on some token cards… But for reals, after I get the hang of it, I’ll make you guys some cards!

I just cut up 5 illustrators trying this.
Sorry pokemon community…

This is cool! XD

THANK YOU!!! :grin:

That’s friggin awesome

IJ was thinking of doing the same exact thing similar to the psyduck, but with Lajinn (yugioh card) … or a unikarp where the bolt comes out of the card…

You totally read my mind alright! I’ve got a ton of extra Plasma Freeze commons that I know nobody will ever want. This is going to be real fun. I had no idea they were cards on top of each other though. Interesting!

This is referred to as ‘paper tole art’. It’s usually done using multiple copies of pictures or illustrations cut and layered on top of each other to create 3D effect. Search for paper tole art to get more info on how to and the tools that can help you create the best 3D Pokemon cards. :blush:

As long as they aren’t real Unikarps, that sounds sick :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice Reina!! I too am trying my hand at one, certainly makes me appreciate what this blogger has been able to achieve in terms of quality. I’ll post mine in a week or so when I get the chance to finish! Hope everyone else posts theirs too

Base set Abra :blush:

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Now I’m going to have to try this, haha.

Do it!!! I’m so excited, like a giddy kid :stuck_out_tongue:

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