SM4+ GX Battle Boost

I didn’t find a separate thread for this and as the set has started leaking, I thought I’d make one. The set will be officially released on the 20th and each booster pack will contain a GX card as you’ll probably guess from the set’s name.

It looks like the Ultra Beasts are going to get Full Arts.

But what really caught my eye was these Secret Rare Solgaleo and Lunala (especially the Solgaleo looks cool!)


Anyone else here who has already lost count with Sun&Moon card rarities?


So this was their plan all along? To have a golden card to complement their silver looking hyper rare?

Lol these are just UR cards guys. The rarity that has been around for ages…

Kyurems were gold UR aswell, right?

For the Ultra Beasts, they dropped the ball on them.
Uninspiring art for some, unplayable 5 energy requirements on Guzler (Guzlord? rly not into SM names yet).
Many of these cards will end up in binders, pointless to have all these rarity differences on cards that never gonna be played.

Secret Rares, Ehh if you meant the gold Zekrom and Reshiram that is.

I really like the Pheromosa full art. It’s giving me a kind of 60’s pulp sci-fi cover vibe.
Ditto on the Celesteela. The design could be a straight rip off of a book cover.

Oh. My. God. :heart_eyes: I didn’t expect another Alolan Vulpix card so soon, that’s so cute!


AWW the Vulpix is so cute! Also, another Lillie!

I think I prefer the SM full art print, but that’s still awesome, I didn’t expect multiple full arts for one supporter.

And even though they’re essentially the same art for a third time, I’m loving the Solgaleo and Lunala, the cel-shaded look is really nice.


So are these URs meant to be rarer than the HRs?

UR has always been “rarer” than HR. Rarity chain as follows from most common to least common;

Common > Uncommon > Rare > Double Rare > Super Rare > Hyper Rare > Ultra Rare.

Edit: not counting the Weather trio from Bandit Ring.

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All these sweet full art trainers (from Misty to Lillie to Iris to N to even Brock and Giovanni), but where is Silver, the rival from the 2nd gen.? If everyone else gets their waifu printed as a full art… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess a gold Charizard is on its way.

here you go buddy, get a good night’s rest

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Kramer is awesome. lol

Alternate art ultras/secrets would be great.

Thanks for the clarification because I do get confused in this day and age of Pokémon lol. Now, Secret Rares fall under which umbrella? Or should HRs and URs fall under the Secret Rares? Thanks :blush:

Secret Rares aren’t a Japanese rarity mate.

the new Lilly is also going for some descent money.

Lilly is no match for THICC Wicke!

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