Skyla Full Art :D

Being the creepy people we are, I’m curious what you all think this BEAUTIFUL card will be, value-wise… :blush:

I think the fact that Bianca was so popular, that this card too will be the most popular card of the set… You are all free to disagree with myself, but I think if someone gets this card, it will be a nice $60 price tag.

I wonder why people like the Bianca and Skyla cards?

They’re the new mistys. And pokemons dark magician girl.

I was going for a more appropriate remark, I mean it is quick clear that they both are more “attractive”

lol well the fanboys go googoo gaga over them and like someone else said their poses are abit you know.people are also waiting for the FA juniper and when that hits you know that card will be in the 90 range for sure

Is there a website where I can see all the japanese TCG sets (at least the newer ones) with card scans?

I would not be surprised if the Skyla FA art is banned/altered for the US release because, to be honest, it’s rather inappropriate for a Pokemon card. The Bianca FA has Bianca in a seemingly “sexual” position, but that’s only noticeable if you think of it that way. However, Skyla is dressed rather skanky (midriff, short shorts), so I want to see what happens with the art more than the price :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard this was the original copy. :wink:

Pokebeach has them

Omg Perv Grimer!! lmfao

Conveniently located Grimers could make several cards a lot more interesting.

LOL this thread is hilarious!
I’m glad to see people are still posting XDDD

Bulbapedia also has them all as well. Also has the BW-P promos up to date. Except the English scans take precedence when they happen.