Seriously, who else is lost for words because of the gorgeous art in this set?

(I loved narumi’s response to your post on Collectorviper :grin:)

One of the best sets I have ever seen!

the artwork is amazing and the alternate artwork for the ex’s are so pretty looking.wonder what the ratio for the UR are

The artwork is spectacular!
This is a set Im looking forward to in English!
Time to start trading with singles of that in mind in the future XD

Darmanitan Psychic!!!

The shinies :heart_eyes:

These cards for some reason bring myself memories of the beautiful artwork from the neo sets :blush:

Those sets were some of my favourites for the art, I do like sugimori cards, but these ones are stunning, you said it Reina!
Im excited to get these ones for sure!
Especially with the new RH cards ;D

BTW when is the next expansion (Noble Victories) supposed to be released?
Like how often? So I can budget until this one

Legends sets had amazing artwork too, if you like the oriental look (hint: I definitely do :stuck_out_tongue:)

LOL have you seen the Google translation of that article?

Is「もういいや」what I think it means? :open_mouth: :wink:

Oh man, that’s disappointing :stuck_out_tongue:

the legend artwork were decent they had some nice ones and some meh so so ones really.the game still kinda reminds me of the ex days since ex’s are back and they still have the high energy use.

It’s an exciting set for sure. If you want to know what’s so scandalous, just use Google translate on the Japanese I posted earlier and see what it says :wink:

What is known about the pull rate of BW3 super and ultra rare cards? From BW2 I figured 10 holo per box and 1 SR/UR per 2 boxes. Is that right? Is the pull rate the same for BW3? Do SR and UR have an exactly equal pull rate or are the BW3 UR shinies somehow more rare than BW3 SR EX cards? I’m asking because BW3 UR seem to be selling at higher prices than BW3 SR.

from looking at what some people on youtube have pulled it looks like the ratio for the secret rare is still the same.looks like its 2-4 ex’s per box but the shiny’s look more harder to get though