Show Off Your Error Cards Megathread!

I love error cards, they’re so cool to me. Even if the error is a very common one (ie: Base set Vulpix HP) it still feels a bit special to me because you have something that was made on accident. One of my favorites are the cards with square edges but only have some square edges, though I don’t own any.

My only interesting error cards are the Secret Wonders Mew Holo, where it’s listed as the New Specie Pokemon instead of New Species, and a Generations Gengar Holo where the holofoil covers the entire card. I know I have a few of the many different cards where flip is misspelled as filp, but I don’t remember which ones.

So show off your error cards, common or one-of-a-kind, it doesn’t matter!


WotC square corners are neat but you can’t count on them being authentic from Wizards due to people cutting sheets. For that reason I stay away from them. It’s a shame too, cause I’ve seen one pulled before. They are pretty cool.

As for others, here are a few of mine I have photos handy for.

This one is my favorite, no texture M Charizard:

Have nearly all of the BREAKpoint FAs without Texture as well (just need a regular Scizor and a SR Gyarados!):

No Damage Ninetales and Stage Error Blastoise (ignore the other fluff):

Have some of the recent Holo Bleed cards too, they are sparkly:

Think that’s all I have handy at the moment, I really enjoy error cards. They are fun to hunt and collect and give a collection that unique flare.


I’ve always liked this Tangela, some sort of chemical must have fell on the card during the printing process, the area is smooth and isn’t raised. I’ve got a really nice error to show as well, but I’ll be posting that in my collecting thread in a few weeks


I bought a card from @garyis2000 where he trimmed the edges of a Holographic Blastoise to make it into a “square cut” and where he used an eraser to erase the 2 out of the “stage 2 pokemon”


I have this funny error card. The label says “PSA 9” but it’s really a PSA 10. Trust me. Possible regrade? Flawless card.



Well, let’s start with the Base Pikachus, shall we:

  1. Red Cheeks Shadowless 1st edition (Officially the Red Cheeks isn’t really a misprint, though)
  2. Red Cheeks Shadowless non-1st edition
  3. Red Cheeks E3 stamped
  4. Ghost/Phantom 1st edition misprint
  5. Grey Stamp 1st edition
  6. XY Evolutions English Blue Background

All can be found in my Base Pikachu artwork variations article, hence the lack of pictures here. My favorites are probably the Ghost/Phantom 1st edition misprint and Blue Background XY Evolutions misprint:

As for other cards (including non-Base Set Pikachus), here is a full list of all the ‘misprints’ I own. Most of these don’t have a non-misprinted version available, some do however. (They are in random order, btw. And all are English unless stated otherwise.) The ones with a * I’ve posted a picture of below.

  1. *Delibird [EX Team Rocket Returns (21/109 Holofoil Rare)]: The only misprint I ever pulled myself
  2. Electrode [Jungle (18/64 1st edition Rare)]: Got the Base Set artwork
  3. *Marill [EX Sandstorm (68/100 Common)]: Missing the Retreat symbol
  4. *Drowsee [EX Fire Red Leaf Green (32/112 Uncommon)]: Drowsee with an ‘s’ instead of Drowzee
  5. Dark Exeggcutor [Neo Destiny (33/105 Uncommon)]: Exeggcutor with a ‘c’ instead of Exeggutor
  6. Pinsir [Jungle (9/64 Holofoil Rare)]: Missing Jungle symbol
  7. Vulpix (Base Set (68/102 Common)]: HP 50 instead of 50 HP
  8. Horsea (Neo Genesis (62/111 1st edition Common)]: Second Water Energy symbol of the Fin Slap attack is deformed
  9. Magnemite [EX Dragon (63/97 Reverse Holo Common)]: Non-Holo circle below Resistance
  10. Dark Rapidash [Team Rocket (44/82 Uncommon)]: Missing "Length: "
  11. Meowth [WotC Promo (10 Holofoil Promo)]: HP is shifted slightly to the left & Energy Symbols of Cat Punch attack are slightly smaller
  12. Zubat [Neo Revelation (59/64 Common)]: -30 missing at Resistance
  13. Scizor [Neo Discovery (10/75 Holofoil Rare)]: 20+ instead of 20x damage for Double Claw attack
  14. Scizor [Neo Discovery (10/75 Rare)]: 20+ instead of 20x damage for Double Claw attack
  15. Seaking [Jungle (44/64 Uncommon)]: States “Put Seaking on the Stage 1 card” instead of “Put Seaking on the basic Pokémon”
  16. Misty’s Seel [Gym Challenge (91/132)]: Artwork contains part with missing background, which is just plain white instead
  17. Carnivine (Diamond & Pearl Promo (DP42 Holofoil Promo)]: 80 HP instead of HP 80
  18. Gligar [Neo Destiny (67/105 Common)]: Energy Symbols of Stun Poison attack are slightly to the left & “Flyscorpio Pokémon” instead of “Flyscorpion Pokémon”
  19. Natu [Neo Genesis (67/111 Common)]: Energy Symbols of Telekinesis attack are slightly to the left
  20. Focus Band [Neo Genesis (86/111 Rare)]: White line at the bottom of the artwork
  21. Dark Golbat (Team Rocket (24/82 Rare)]: States “… Pokémon.Apply Weakness and Resistance” instead of “… Pokémon. Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance.”
  22. Grimer [Team Rocket (57/82 Common)]: States “The Defending Pokémon is now Asleep.” instead of “Poisonous”
  23. Team Magma’s Camerupt (EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua (19/95 Rare)]: States “Team Mamga’s” instead of “Magma’s” in the Overheat attack
  24. Unown O [Neo Discovery (69/75 Common)]: States “Once during you turn” instead of “your”
  25. Lanturn [EX Legend Maker (19/92 Rare)]: States “more then 40 damage” instead of “than” in the Water Gun attack
  26. Dark Croconaw [Neo Destiny (32/105 Uncommon)]: States “49 teeth” instead of “48”
  27. Dark Arbok [Team Rocket (2/82 Holofoil Rare)]: Copyright date of “@1999-23000” instead of “@1999-2000
  28. Kakuna [Neo Discovery (41/75 Uncommon)]: Copyright date of “@1995-2000” instead of “@1995-2001
  29. Alakazam [Expedition Base (1/165 Holofoil Rare)]: States “This power can’t be used if Alakazam is affected by a Special Condition” is in italics while it shouldn’t have been
  30. Energy Removal 2 [Expedition Base Set (140/165 Reverse Holo Uncommon)]: The code states “ID: B - 54 - #” which refers to the Base Set Energy Removal instead of the Energy Removal 2
  31. Fire Energy [Base Set (98/102 Shadowless Energy)]: I got one with a tiny ink spot
  32. Lightning Energy [Base Set 2 (128/130 Energy)]: I got a Square Cut one
  33. Pikachu [POP5 (12/17 Holofoil Common)]: Reversed back of the card (the one with corrected back is rarer, though)
  34. Pikachu [WotC Promo (1 1st edition Promo)]: Shouldn’t have been 1st edition
  35. Shuppet [EX Legend Maker (63/92 Chinese Common)]: I got one with a tiny ink spot
  36. Raichu [XY Generations (27/83)]: Full Holo over the entire card instead of just the image
  37. Surfing Pikachu [Pikachu World Collection 2000 WotC Promo (28 French Promo): I got one with some ink lines
  38. Metal Energy [XY Evolutions (99/100 Korean Enery)]: The first “9” in “99/100” is smaller than the other
  39. *Machop [Base Set (52/102 Shadowless 1st edition)]: Got a 1st edition mark on the back of the card
  40. *Pikachu [Rising Rivals (112/111 German Secret Rare)]: Got one with two ink spots on the back of the card
  41. Butterfree [Jungle (33/64 1st edition)]: “dst” edition instead of “1st”

The one on the right is missing the Retreat Energy. (Sorry for the bad quality pictures, it’s pretty dark in my room at the moment.)

Got yellow smudge over the entire card, including the artwork. It’s the only misprint I ever pulled myself.

Drowsee instead of Drowzee.

I got a few more not mentioned in the list, but my log-document has been reset to halve a year ago… When I recently made a back-up of my files I accidentally replaced the saved backup of a year back over my current version, instead of the other way around… :sob: :sob: So since then I haven’t logged any new cards I added to my collection (except Pikachus, Sevipers and Mimikyus). Will have to re-organize my binders first, and then update this log again.
Luckily I hadn’t made this mistake for all documents I wanted to back-up, only three Pokémon-related documents (including my Pikachu and Seviper excels), but fortunately I also update those regularly in google drive, so I had a back-up from there. So I just got screwed with my Pokémon Card collection log-document, which consists of over 3,500 cards… Or it should, the old one I have now contains 2,674… :unamused:

If anyone wants to see more pictures of the list above let me know.

EDIT: Some I missed (which are missing from my current log…)

  1. Ancient Mew [WotC Promo (Japanese Ancient Mew Promo)]: States “Nintedo” instead of “Nintendo” at the copyright
  2. Jolteon [Jungle (Japanese Holofoil)]: Got Holo stars over the card
  3. Raikou [Neo Revelations (Japanese Holofoil)]: Got Holo stars over the card
  4. Diglet [Base Set (47/102 Common]): Sideways Energy symbol at Dig attack
  5. Water Energy [Base Set (102/102 Energy)]: Symbol & title shifted upwards against the top of the card border
  6. Caterpie [Base Set (45/102 Shadowless 1st edition Common)]: HP 40 instead of 40 HP

And the pictures I forgot of the cards marked with a *:

Base Machop with 1st edition symbol at the back. If anyone has a Base Pikachu, let me know.

German Rising Rivals Pikachu with two ink drops at the back of the card.



The Drowsee error was on all the FRLG packs, similar to the hust on the Shining Tyranitar. So it isn’t really an error.

I know. A lot of the ones I listed don’t have a corrected version, for some of them - like the Drowsee - every single copy are misprinted as described. Only a few have both version printed (error and corrected), like the Red Cheeks Pikachus and the Marill I posted a picture of.

But even though it isn’t an error card with a corrected version available, the card contains an error nonetheless.
It’s still something that wasn’t intended like this, in which regard I completely agree with @deku :


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During my time collecting Gyarados and Magikarp, ive been able to find quite a few errors on the way. Im a fan of noticeable error cards, so anything that fits into both collection categories is a plus for me.

I was able to find these mint No Texture FA errors from recent ebay listings:

Not sure if the No Number Topsun cards count, as theyre similar to the now less obscure No Rarities, but i was also able to pick up mint copies of those, as well:

These 1ed double holo errors are some of my most treasured cards, and its all thanks to an awesome collector on this thread! Thecardgurutcg:

I also have the japanese Gym Leader Gyarados’ with holo bleed error, but those are difficult to picture.

In regards to errors that arent Gyarados and Magikarp, I have a few of those, as well.

The golden SR Legendary Treasures cards have been known to have different levels of hue intensity from the printing process, and some come out slightly duller than others. The ones I were able to find, however, were completely different hues, altogether. They were a bright yellow, with very little to no black ink in the text or symbols:

I was also able to pickup the grey surfing pikachu that was mentioned in an earlier thread, recently:

I also have a few more No Texture FAs, upside-down Pokeball back BREAK cards, and other miscellaneous errors I plan on adding, later. Hopefully the error collection keeps on growing!


My personal favorite error is one of my personal favorite cards in my collection. I’ve had this card since I was a shorty. It’s a bit fucked up but I treasure it nonetheless. I remember who I traded with like it was yesterday…

Missing HP Number Dark Persian Blackstar Promo:


Here are my mass produced errors and some miscuts

Missing HP Persian

Sideways fist Diglett

1st edition stamp ivy Pikachu

Ink smear Haunter

Incomplete/phatom stamp Pikachu

stage error blastoise

No damage ninetales (on my ebay right now)

Wartortle Evolution Box Error

No Holo Dragonite

everybody’s favorite red ink dot blastoise

Holo smudge pinsir

“d” edition butterfree

ink smear hitmonlee

heart in circle clefairy

Black ink dot clefairy - one of the first error cards I ever bought. happy it graded a 9!

1st edition grey thick stamp with pikachu as the example

1st edition grey thin stamp with blastoise as the example

upside down back cards

Extreme Miscuts

nintendo era miscut growlithe


I DM-ed that guy twice and made a comment on his post twice, both without any response whatsoever… :unamused: :neutral_face:

Did he respond to you, or did you get in contact with him through other means?



Yeah, i messaged him and he immediately got back to me, and made a trade. I mentioned you and told him to let you know if he ever found more errors like this for pika cards. Afterwards, I think he said he didnt message you because he thought you might be a scammer due to your low follower count and rep

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Ah ok, that explains it… I only recently made my Instagram.

Still thanks for mentioning me, appreciated. And if you ever come across a second one yourself let me know. And congrats on the trade/buy.



Of course, bud. No problem

So I was organizing my holofoil collection and I came across that mew I mentioned in my original post. It’s a Secret Wonders Mew Holo, with the “New Specie” typo. It’s badly scratched thanks to my younger self. After all these years I noticed something new about my card, it’s a double error!

I discovered I have several other holofoil bleeds, but none of them are nearly as pretty as this one. All my others just have a sort of faint ‘shadow’ of the holofoil pattern where the areas are darker, this is my only one where the actual holo is present too. It’s much more vibrant in real life. It’s completely worthless because of how damaged it is, but I still love it and it’s become one of my new favorite cards in my collection.

Full image for those wanting a super close look.

I have quite a few cards with that effect, I found it to be oddly common in Secret Wonders and Rising Rivals.

They definitely make the cards look a lot nicer imo :blush:

Only pulled 3 errors before, two all holo Golems from Generations, which seemed to be a very common error.

Not so common was this reverse holo Geodude(right one), it too was all holo.

Here’s my little contribution to this thread. I’ve much enjoyed seeing all the different errors and misprints everyone has! I only collect miscuts specifically now, but a few years ago I was very much into collecting all sorts of errors! Specifically the ones that were unique to the card were to my best taste, but the ones that were well known were also great to have. The ones that were always errors and never corrected were somewhat cool in their own right but ehh, more of a knowledge enhancement for the card in question.

Some of these pictures aren’t the best, as I’m currently not home with these cards so I don’t have the best lighting, and also I sold off most of my error/misprint collection a couple years back to focus on just miscuts, but I still have a few older photos of some of them.

I’ll start with my own mew from secret wonders. I knew the one I had was a holo error, and it’s part of my complete secret wonders set. However, @deku made me check my own, as I wasn’t aware of the “specie” error! Turns out we match right up :blush: (had to take this picture in a bit of a darker lighting to show the holo error better)

It’s also pretty clear that @scratchdesk likes his textureless full art misprints. Haha I had already shown him this portuguese gallade that I used to have, I do kindof miss this one sometimes.

The “filp” a coin errors were already mentioned, but they were the psyduck and weepinbell from ‘HS’ Triumphant. Unfortunately they were never caught and fixed. I always liked to joke that nobody could play this card in a game because nobody knows how to “filp a coin” :stuck_out_tongue:

@fritz already showed the sideways fist error diglett. This was also one of my favorites. Not a very common error to come across.

The no symbol jungle holos are pretty infamous. Used to own a few such as this guy.

Anybody like crimped cards?

These next few I still have, but would be willing to let go… Just haven’t really had them posted anywhere. The phanpy from call of legends that has it’s own name spelled incorrectly in the pokebody. This was known and was corrected fairly quickly if I remember right. I think you could only pull it from call of legends packs that were in some sort of promo box. And also followed by a few OC/slightly miscut cards that I don’t really have a need for. (Caterpie is 4th print)

Lastly, these are the 4 error/misprints that I just couldn’t let go of. It might be partly sentimental because I pulled 3/4.

First up we have aipom from ‘HS’ Triumphant. This was the one that I did not pull. Snagged from ebay way back in the day. The error is pretty easy to spot. “Gmitate” and “Tail Runch” Haha, there weren’t too many of these that turned up, but there were enough for it to be a documented error. I believe there was a crobat from unleashed that had a similar error.

Next is a bulbasaur ink smear from Dark Explorers. Pulled this guy from a Dark Explorers booster box and wow! Ink smear in the name and near the bottom left of the picture. I’m not sure if this could be replicated or not, but it seems like with the right tools/skill it could be done. You’ll just have to take my word on this one. Haha.

Getting toward the end, we have lanturn reverse holo from aquapolis. This was pulled from an aquapolis booster box that I opened, and I didn’t realize it was an error until several years later. (Maybe you’ll see why, it is somewhat easy to miss.) The regular version on the right is just for comparison, but last I checked, Lightning Ball was not a pokebody :wink:

And lastly is my personal favorite. Espeon holo error from Neo Discovery. Right away I thought when I pulled it that it was kindof a lame holo but that’s just because this particular version didn’t have any! It’s only has some slight holo in the 2 silver looking spots. Straight from the booster box, and no other holos from the box had any sort of defects. The regular version is on the left for comparison. I’ve seen this particular error 2 other times online. One I think was on this forum somewhere…

Well, that’s about all I got folks. Hope everyone enjoyed, as I enjoy seeing all the ones everyone else has for sure! :blush:

– Joe