Miscut Cards General Thread

We get threads showing miscut cards quite a lot here, so I thought I’d make a go to General thread for posting all of the miscut cards that we find, that we’d like to share but don’t necessarily deserve their own thread.

What prompted me to make this thread was this doozy a friend just sent me.


Well, there goes the basis of my collection thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I should try to top that colorbar miscut. Very nice one he has though.

*Edit - Fixed the picture

– Joe


Woah those are funky! Is it true that PSA won’t grade a miscut if the set number is not visible? Anyone have proof of this?

Those colorbars are impressive!

This is a truly beautiful card shown off by a great picture. Fantastic!


cool idea… here’s my contribution


My only four mis/off-cuts out of my 3,500-4,000 cards are a bit underwhelming in comparison :slightly_smiling_face:

And I also have this square cut Base 2 Energy below.

Btw, how many of you have ever opened a miscut, square cut, ink error, etc. yourself? Although I haven’t opened that many packs in my life, the only ‘error’ card I ever unpacked myself is this Delibird, which has yellow smudge over the entire card including the image.

Sorry if I kinda derail the topic with this question…



So… what is the correct MC interpretation/definition?
When is shown a part of another card, or the presence of the “black dot” is enough?

I am sure that PSA label as MC when there are 2 cards on 1 only.
For PSA standards, the Black Dot presence means just an OC qualifier, but they are MC as well imho.

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I agree with you. If either another card or the black dot is showing I consider it a miscut. It not, but still off-centered I consider it an off-cut.
But these are just my personal interpretations. Not sure if these are the official qualifiers.


I’ve opened a few ink blotches and crimped cards before. And quite a few OC cards, most not too severe. There are the better ones I’ve found or opened (bad glare in the photos but most have 1 or 2 positioning dots visible, most came from the same box as one would expect:

Miscuts are neat but I don’t go out of my way to collect them. If I saw a colorbar card like the ones in the post i’d be all over those though. I enjoy the oddities, especially the recent “no texture” full art cards when those pop up.


I do suppose it’s all opinion based. There’s no set in stone definition for it because it’s not supposed to happen. We call the cards rares and uncommons because that’s what pokemon deems them as. I don’t mind that guide, it is very informative. However, it’s just written by an ebay seller. Granted it does seem to be a very reputable seller, but I could get on ebay and do the exact same thing and write my own guide. Idk, I might sound self centered, but just value my own opinion more over them because I specifically collect them. I’m 99% sure I own more miscuts than that ebay user. But in reality it is to each their own.

I guess if everyone wants to call the black alignment dot to be a miscut, then that means I only collect severely miscut cards, as in ones that show part of the next card. I see alignment dots on a lot of cards, I just don’t think that alone should be enough to call the card miscut when compared to some of the drastic ones I have. PSA’s definition makes sense too. If a card is really off center with no alignment dot, it just gets a bad grade because of it. If it shows just the alignment dot, then it can qualify for the OC grade. And if it shows part of the next card it can get the MC grade. I’m fairly certain that’s their take on it, but I’m not involved with sending cards to psa.

@fourthstartcg Ethan, I’m glad you like the Dragonite. Haha, you would think I got ahold of a full art sheet from furious fists, but that is not the case unfortunately. :blush:

What’s interesting is that those 2 cards are not miscut on the back. They are perfectly lined up and very well centered. They did come from 2 different sources, but the spot where the cut is made at the bottom is exactly in the same spot. I’d say there’s a very solid chance they came from the same sheet. (Forever hunting for the Lucario on top of Dragonite as well… Haha)

– Joe


Yeah I feel you Joe, but literally Miscut means when the alignment dot appears.
If the dot is shown, the card has been mis cut, simple.
After you can distinguish between severe and non severe MC for sure.
They can’t be defined as normal OC cards because many off centered cards dont show that dot.
Without the dot a card will lose a point in PSA, with the dot the card gain the qualifier.
Btw, severe MC are nicer and with a better market for sure, but, literally, the black dot means a bad cut = miscut.
Off center is something different. Thats just my opinion.

All good, I totally see where you’re coming from.

Maybe it’s just better to say I only go after severe miscuts then. :blush:

I have a charizard that’s badly miscut top to bottom. The top shows the copywrite line from the card above and no copywrite line is shown below, It’s an fa maybe M or ex…can’t remember exactly.

I tried to PSA grade it with no explanation and it was rejected.
Hope that helps to answer your question brother.

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Ahh thanks good to know, makes sense from PSA’s point of view :blush:

you guys got some nice ones :blush:

King of the plants :sunglasses:

– Joe


Picked up a Nightstriker Breakthrough deck and all 60 cards were miscut, sadly they wouldnt grade the energies due to no set number on them. Here are a couple of them.


I can’t believe they graded cresselia. they’ve rejected my miscuts that were missing names.hmm strange

A few more…

– Joe