Weird misprint. Do other examples exist?

Not sure what to call this misprint. It looks like the image was improperly centered with the card. Notice the white line going down the right side of the card. Everything is shifted to the left. The blue meets the yellow on the left and creates a band of green. Does anyone here have another example of this type of error??? Also the energy symbols are misaligned and blurry.

I’m trying to gauge a value and rarity. This is the only one I have. Here’s a link to a higher resolution pic:

You get these every so often and it basically sucks for most collectors. I would pay half of market but only to a friend and as a favor.
If you build it up as an error/misprint you might find someone who likes other types of oddities to buy it.

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Wow I’m surprised you dislike them so much haha, I’ve never seen an error like that and I’d definitely pay a premium for something like just because it’s neat!

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I wouldn’t pay a premium nor would I expect to pay less than market price, lmao. Guess we all view slight errors like these differently.

Really? I guess I always look from a grading standpoint and that could hurt the grade.
I should do some checking for some;)

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Gary, you missed-out on your opportunity :wink:

Fortunately, since I don’t have a life outside of Pokemon, I was able to spend about a month sorting-through those Shadowless Cards that I purchased from you. I actually stumbled-upon two “mis-aligned” cards like that (Diglett and Machop) - thought they were pretty neat. Although, now I don’t even remember where I set those two cards aside to show-off - must have been really cool if I can’t even remember where they are now LOL

I would think it worth at least double the value of the normal card, and perhaps much more to someone who collects errors and has never seen this one before.

Haha No kidding. If I knew I would have given even a bigger discount lol.


Neat card :blush: @tony I think you and I are some of the few who have any interest in these types of unique errors, but I wouldn’t back that interest by paying top dollar for it if you know what I mean. I’m positive I have a few if not more somewhere but none more severe than yours that I can recall. They may be similar in collectability as the “dot” errors have been. I would say $10 would be max unless someone really wants to throw down for it :wink:


KInd of cool, would probably need it to occur on a notable card to earn a large premium though

Well it’s clear the longtime collectors think they’re worthless. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, if this happened on a base set charizard I could see people paying big money


Can’t say I’ve actively looked for that before. I do have a Base Charizard with the foil shifted in a similar way. As for value I can’t see them demanding much of a premium. If it was more severe then for sure, but at that level it just isn’t broken enough for my liking.



Also might be nice if a set could be made, would probably increase the value if you could find a few more fossil rares :grin:

I do enjoy obtaining oddities and errors every now and again, but I think this being improperly centered just makes it a lower grade card rather than one with an error. I don’t know

@scratchdesk misaligned holos are different from this error. I have a few that have the holo dip down past the artwork. Pretty cool if the error is severe enough. Now those cards actually fetch a nice price on ebay.

Off centered cards have uneven borders. This card is a bit different as its entire image dips into the border. I guess I personally would call it a misaligned image error rather than an off centered error. Not sure what PSA would make of it

If you can find them, I would love to see the Machop :blush:

If it were drastically shifted like some of the other Fossil holo misprints I’ve seen around paying a premium could easily be justified but it being a non-holographic Articuno shifted a millimeter it’s not really worth anything more at least in my eyes. There’s a very cool holo Kabutops that has changed hands once or twice that is drastically shifted and it’s fetched a pretty penny.

the kabutops fell into my hands twice. I finally let it go recently. :blush:

It’s an error, unfortunately not an attractive error(if that makes sense).

Holo bleeds are an example of an error that would command more money instead of less.