Severe miscut cards

Curious on how people who collect Miscuts would value these cards?

I just fixed the photos.

Hmm tough call. I generally do not collect miscut cards although I would if it was a nice WOTC holo or Japanese old back Promo. I think in regard of value, it also plays a major role on which card the miscut occurs apart from just how severe it actually is. So since this one is “just” an Energy I wouldn’t value it too high. But that’s just me, these are the type of cards that worth as much as someone is willing to pay… Maybe @darkrai or @codymancj have an idea?!

I agree. If only it was a charizards base :wink:

What is unique about them is that the other cards connect to each other. There is a full set and each one runs into the next and the fire is the end, which is blank at the bottom where the print stopped:

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The guy who fell asleep while these cards were being printed would pay a premium to get them and destroy the evidence. :blush:

But seriously, I agree the price would be much higher if it’s other than energy cards.

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The connection between the cards is a cool feat though!

That is what I thought as well. Normally I would not bother with miscuts, but since they were severe to the point where you could see another card and that the set linked up, it appealed to me more than usual.

I use to have a bunch of cards like this from various WOTC sets, they were all useless (unplayable) commons/uncommons but still sold pretty high. Like I think I sold a Neo 1 Togepi about a year ago for $50 and stuff like that. Sometimes holo cards like this turn up to and sell for quite a bit. I actually got some of them, right from packs or watched other kids pulled them and traded for them. Actually coming from a former player, I would think energies would be with more because they are playable. What set are they from? I also remember a conversation a while ago about self cut cards on this forum, which turned into quite the debate, so there is always that to consider.

Not sure how I feel about miscuts…

Quite easy to fake if you managed to find uncut panels… sigh, imagine getting those base set holo panels, which are uncut still, then force-able mis-cuting the entire sheet, and selling to people… for crazy amounts.

Not a good thing to be doing.

But then again, I guess as a whole, collecting mis-cuts is cool/rare to see the misshapen.