Price check - miscut M Charizard EX (12/83 from Generations)

Hi all! I pulled this miscut Charizard (Generations 12/83) from a Generations pack the other day from one of the mythical collection boxes - the bottom left corner is squared, all other corners are rounded. I know pricing of miscuts/squared cards are very subjective (and there are very few postings I found in general for squared corners), anyone have any ideas for this one?

I will probably end up keeping it since I don’t have a regular version of this card, but was curious to see if it’d be more or less than the value of the regular cut.

*As a sidenote, I also submitted a miscut card report to TCPi and their response was: I could send it in to them and receive a corrected version of the same card and “something else for your time and shipping cost” – if they don’t have the card they say they’ll send another of the same rarity and type from another expansion (?!). They say exchanges are delayed indefinitely right now though due to the current situation, so I wouldn’t be going this route anytime soon if at all.

It’s worth however much someone will pay for it, which may seem like a smarmy answer but that’s the truth. Chances are there are very few like it, likely no confirmed sales, and very few people who would be interested in a minor error like this. But, sometimes error collectors will pay up for the smallest thing, so who knows what it’s worth!

Thanks for taking a look! Yea, I guess misaligned cards or misprinted text is more interesting for error collectors, whereas the corners could probably just be corrected with a careful cut (and some edge protection or something, I’m sure it could get fancy). I’ll keep it for now

You’ll likely get a few people interested in this because it is a charizord but in general there are very few people interested in square cuts like this (maybe the exception would be certain wotc cards) so generally I would expect little to no premium. It’s neat that you pulled it yourself though :blush:

I’ll link this post to one of the 6 secret collector e4 side-discords I’m in that focuses on miscut and oc collecting.