Miscut Mega Charizard EX ? value?

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A mate of mine from Sydney pulled this interesting piece recently. It’s a mega charizard ex, but mis-cut. Does anyone know what the value might be? and if there is any interest at all feel free to PM for a trade of sorts.

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The same if not less than a regular M Charizard EX. Miscuts, while interesting, are not the most sought-after error cards and are relatively common with the lack of printing quality these days.

Haha, its 2015!! you would think the printing quality would get better! and that they would know what there doing by now.

I believe it comes down to the type of collector at the end of the day. I could really see attention for this in particular piece as its a mega charizard! of all things. (as darkrai was referring to)

There would be bound to be error collectors out there who will bid a premium on this.

Errors are always subjective at the end of the day, like fine art.

Like how many would be printed like this out there, the number would be so few.

That wouldve been a gem mint 10 by the looks of the corners…sadly.

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It’s worth three fiddy… Lol, I kid. Interesting piece. Why not auction it? Might get lucky and have a couple diehard Charizard fans go all out in a bid war for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, It might get some attention and a bidding war… who knows, always the risk involved.

It was interesting that it was pulled here in Sydney by a friend of mine. So it’s up to him at the end of the day what he wants to do.

Yeah, auctions are all luck/risk…But good luck to you guys on finding the right buyer for the right price! Hope it goes well for you :blush:

Methinks that the words quality control aren’t used much by our card making friends :slightly_frowning_face: