My Pikachu e card has an odd-looking corner.

Like I said before, I was cheated quite a few times when I bought Pokemon cards on ebay. In this thread, I talk about a particular Pikachu card I bought with a weird corner. I have uploaded two images of the card below.

As you can see, there is a square corner at the top left on the front side. That corner is at the top right if viewed on the back. The seller said the card was very rare because not all the corners were round. He showed a stock photo of the card and said it would be worth a lot in a few years. So, I fell for that and paid a high price for it.

After I received the card, I showed it to some members in my Pokemon collecting club. They all said this is a common card and has no potential for growth. I was sad to know that.

I have two questions.

(1) Do any members on these forums have Pokemon cards with square corners?

(2) Are miscut cards worthless?

  1. Doesn’t matter in context of your post, but yes since some here have square-cut base set cards, etc.

  2. Not necessarily, but they are extremely niche cards.

Judging from your post, it seems like you are heavily influenced by what others say about a card. You were convinced by the seller saying that the card will be worth more, but then you were also convinced by the posters saying that the card is worthless and has no potential for growth (though, in my honest opinion, it’s probably not going to go for much above regular price of that pikachu card unless you have a collector who really wants it, but I say that for ALL miscut cards).

I highly advise against this mindset, as that sours the collecting experience since you’re not really collecting for yourself, and if you’re not collecting for yourself, then what exactly are you collecting for? The answer probably is to be able to sell the card for more down the road, to which I say requires more than asking people what they think the card will be worth.


Answer to question 1: I have a few and many others on e4 have some. We eather pulled them ourselves or have bought them somewhere (:

Answer to Question 2: They are not worthless, but it also depends on which cards were miscut.
For example: The few common miscuts i have from steam siege, they arent worth much, probably less then a 1$ each, however the miscuts where 2 cards are
showing or the factory sheet color bars etc, they can be valued from few dollars to lots of $$$$$.

And what @cman said is exactly on point and great advice/ feedback based of his observation.

Value wise I would definitely say it has higher value since it’s a Pikachu Card. That being said I would still only pay a few dollars for it. However, people like @quuador may really want a card like that. Due to in his case, Pikachu being The Pokémon he cares a lot about. As others have said, it’s a very niche style of error that you must find the right buyer for if that what you are thinking of doing. At the end of the day though, it’s not worth much. Sorry you got robbed all those years ago!

I can’t agree more with all of you. All of your advice is very valuable. Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. If the card were not of

Pikachu, I would very likely sell it. I am a Pikachu lover. Pikachu products account for 99% of my entire collection. Let me tell

you how much I paid for this square-cut card. It cost me $200 US. I was sad when I heard that the card did not have any

potential for growth because Pikachu is on it. His success as being one of the most popular Pokemon of all time is also my

success as being his “friend”. Even though Ash Ketchum and I have nothing in common whatsoever, I always put myself in his

shoes in the anime and have a strong bond with Pikachu, who is my best buddy … Anyway, if a different Pokemon were on that

card, I couldn’t care less whether it has potential for growth.

I know I am not making any sense. When Pokemon Go swept the world with tremendous success two years ago, I was very

happy and excited. I am proud of Pikachu. So far, I have 500+ Pikachu things. I will continue to collect his products and will not

sell anything Pikachu.

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Hmm, I tend to overpay for Pikachus, but I don’t think I paid that times more of what it’s worth before…
Sorry to hear you lost quite a bit of money those years ago.

Ah well, we all win and loose some, and can only learn from it I guess. I’ve also bought cards in the past for close to 1,000 USD that are now worth about 250-300 USD. Luckily the reversed happened a few times as well.

PS: Maybe it’s best if I wouldn’t state what I would pay for it… :sweat: Especially since most non-Pikachu collectors would even pay a lot less.


Ive paid up to 5 times what a card is worth for a particular miscut. Mainly because I wanted it, never going to sell it so could care less if I overpaid.