Question about Pikachu card value

Hi Everyone!

I have recently begun to go through my old card collection from when I was a kid. It’s been a blast from the past! I kept all my cards in great shape for a 9-10 year old and I’m glad I did. Getting to the point, I noticed this Pikachu card on eBay, I have seen it’s prices range from $250-$750, and quite a few for less than $5.00. Could anyone please tell me what is going on here. I have three of this particular card exactly like this, and I’m wondering if I might actually have something or not. Here is a link to one with a high asking price what is special about it?

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Hello! And welcome to the forums. It’d be great to see what you’ve amassed as a kid!

As for the card, as far as I can tell, there’s nothing special about it. Sometimes sellers put up joke auctions for the heck of it.

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Nothing special with that card. Value is less than 0.25.


Thanks for the info guys. I’m totally new to the value of cards, however that just seemed so odd.

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Not a problem! It never hurts to ask. We’re just thankful when people are receptive to the advice. :blush: