Reorganizing my binders

In the process of reorganizing my binders… I’ve removed all cards from the first binder now:

Three more to go. And then I also have to actually organize, put them back, and update my log (which hasn’t been updated since disaster struck about halve a year ago…):

I probably have over 3k cards right now (excluding my Pikachus, Sevipers and Mimikyus, which are another ~1k)…


Btw, does anyone else with large collections have this as well: I come across cards I feel like I’ve never seen them before (even though I own them XD ). Probably arrived with a card I ordered, which had my focus at the time.



You know, I actually enjoy reorganizing my Trade Binders with Ultra rares
its fun but takes a bit of time, but sets on the other hand, not so much

The best bit is when you fill your binder with sets and realize youve missed a card…1 measly card and that would mean taking everything out again :slightly_frowning_face:


The good thing with binders is you can organise them however you want. You don’t always have to follow the list on bulbapedia.

There is no rules to how you should do it. But it’s a good feeling finding stuff you forgot about I guess.
It’s hard to remember what you have sometimes with large collections.

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Yeah, I always order them how I want it myself. As a lid usually by type, and nowadays by National index (with the trainers and energies at the back).

But I never leave enough room for all the new cards… The big disadvantage of binders… :unamused:

Anyway, I’m done taking everything from my binders and got a lot of huge stacks on my desk now. Now I just have to reorder them and put them back… Luckily it’s a national holiday on Thursday, so I have a day extra this week apart from the weekend. :wink:



Burn him at the stake.


I have this exact problem, before i stopped buying again i bought a load of English e-series holos. Not expensive per card but as a bulk it was my budget for the month. When i got them i went through thinking i need every one of these till i checked my binders and found i only needed 1 out of about 25+ cards it was a nice surprise to see i already own them

My collection is just over 6.8K+ and i am now starting to lose track even with a database of what i have.

Finally… I’m done sorting (except for some Energies, need to figure out which sets/decks they belong to based on their copy-right dates and artwork alone). Now I just have to put them back in the binders. :blush:

I’ve ordered

  • the Pokémon by: National Index → Set release year → Language → Set number → special stamps and misprints before others → 1st/holos before UED/non-holos.
  • the Trainers by: Set release yet → same as above
  • Energies by: Special energies (same as above) → Double Colorless Energy → Fairy → Metal → Darkness → Psychic → Fire → Lightning → Fighting → Water → Grass (Ever since I was 7 years old I’ve ordered the energies in this order, so I’ll stick with it. :blush: )

Off-topic: I just realized you are able to tell the Shadowed vs Shadowless Energies apart by the first part of the years at the bottom (©1995, 96, 98, 99 = Shadowless; ©1995, 96, 98 = Shadowed. No it isn’t the other way around, I compared it to my Pikachus.)

Tomorrow I’ll start putting everything back in their binders, and then I have to update my catalog document again after that.

Here is a picture of my desk with all my cards (excluding Jumbo Cards, and excluding Pikachus, Sevipers, Mimikyus, and cards having one of these in their artwork):


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