Reorganizing my collection

So i HAD my cards in numerical order like in the national pokedex, tho for some strange reason, i decided to flip my binder of cards over and dump out every last one… tore off all the lables which took HOURS literally, and started arranging them in the order of the set they are from. Not sure why. But i swear by the time im done i will be a genious about all the set names. Because when i started, i only understood the base set, which we all kno isnt labled any certain way.

Here is the front & back of my binder, Which i desined and made myself :slight_smile:

Just to let you know from experience… If you organize by set, it’ll take you about 10 of 3" ring binders. I organized mine by Era… (ie 1 binder = original era, another neo era, another e-reader era, 2 binders for old ex era, 1 for d&p, 1 for Platinum, 1 for hgss, 2 for bw)

Also, it’ll take 2 3" binders to fill all existing english promos.

Great custom binder.

Years ago (80s and 90s) I made my binders custom too by cutting up the boxes the packs came in and neatly placing pieces all around the binder that contained that set. I still have hundred of those sets in those binders:)

Now I’m not artistic like you (I can’t hand draw a bit) but it took a little imagination and they display well from every angle.

Like everyone here knows…I don’t use binders for pokemon, at least not very often and never for expensive cards, but those old non sports sets seem fine in them.

well i dont have but just a couple hundred cards, i just finished up organizing them and its only in one 2 inch binder which is sad, this isnt even a third of what my collection use to be. but i was stupid a couple years back selling stacks of 100 for 1.50 USD to some shop. and now i really regret doing that. i sold about 1000 or so doin that… probably way more :confused:

i use to do that when i started, b4 i could really draw.


what do u use for pokemon if u dont use binders?

PSA cases, sleeves and top loaders, team bags, card boxes…and the like;)

I use a picture of @garyis2000 's head and a body of charizard…

Now that’s a little weird;)


This is the property of @garyis2000 I have no rights to this picture. All credits go to @garyis2000

Gotta disclose this/give credit to him… or else I might get sued by @garyis2000

I offer all rights to that photo to Elam for a one time fee of 0.10usd. When payment is received, I will relinquish all rights plus, as a bonus, I will include the published picture of my belly.

OHHHHH okay.

I use to also open packagesof cards carefully as to not rip the package and save those too lol. actually i think they are still in a tin somewhere

Oh if you have them … YOu can sell them to people… People are looking for clean, opened package for $1-5 each depending on how old the expansion is.

No lie… I seen people buying empty booster pack of WoTC Products and they sell for $1-5 each… Empty Booster boxes as well depending on the condition.

Not happy to hear this.

Im sure i did, they are just in a different state than i am. so by the time i get around to getting them they may be worth even more money

Seriously? I gave away minimum 200 empty packs from high profile sets.

oh man that sucks so much!!!