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I love everything from Brockhampton. They claim they are the “best boyband since One Direction”. If you listen you’ll see why that’s ironic, because they’re primarily a hip-hop collective. However, they have great range and have songs that play more to different genres. SWEET highlights several of the main members and Joba’s verse (the last one) is one of my favorite. They released 3 albums last year, Saturation 1, 2, and 3.


This thing has infinite replayability… I recommend reading the lyrics alongside listening, it’s really a great experience. Maybe not for everyone, but if you have an ear for hip hop you should at least appreciate this. One of the most critically acclaimed albums in the genre.


I like pretty much everything these days. When I was younger I used to always go to concerts and festivals throughout my teens and 20s … probably seen at least over 200 bands live and only liked metal. I’m more chill now and appreciate everything, 80s metallica could be my fav.

Give me a damn time machine right now, metallica don’t sound anywhere near like this live anymore, pre James’ ruined voice.

10k Days one of my fav albums ever, I like basically everything on it

Throwback to my teens, RIP Chester :slightly_frowning_face:



I have varied tastes…

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Current mood.



One of my favorite songs to listen to and play: Big Sur Moon by Buckethead. (Ignore the mess in the background).


Heavy joint right here


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I like jamaican/reggae music.


Wow this takes the original to a whole other level, love it!
Thanks for sharing this!

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Currently I’ve been listening to all that indie trash us mainstream young kids love. Here’s my favorite band

Also love some nice psychedelic rock

And finally, I’m really into ost’s, almost all soundtracks I can appreciate (apart from marvel movies lol)
To be my favorite it’s got to have a techno vibe, like ‘only God forgives’ or ‘drive’ both great movies by Nicholas winding refn. But the soundtrack that takes the cake is the original ghost in the shell

If anyone here is ever super bored, studying or working away I recommend you listen to the ghost in the shell soundtrack with the Akira soundtrack playing at the same time. They work so perfectly. Unfortunately the Akira soundtrack isn’t in a single YouTube video, so I’d recommend finding it another way, perhaps legally downloading it :wink:

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Sounds like we lived parallel lives. I was really into the first two Metallica albums. Plus a whole bunch of NWOBHM bands covered in the early issues of Kerrang. I was also heavy into LA Goth Punk, particularly Christian Death and 45 Grave, along with local acts like Pavement, Chris Isaak, Voice Farm, and Camper Van Beethoven (and its various spinoffs).

I still listen to a lot of stuff I enjoyed as a teen. But lately I’ve had all three FJM albums in heavy rotation. Misty certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for the uninitiated, here’s a taste:

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smpratte knows ill defeat him :grin:

@hersheycardcollector I liked his earlier stuff but have been listening to less and less country as time goes by. I grew up listening to 90’s Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Tim Mcgraw etc. but I think the genre continues to go downhill every year. Mid-late 2000’s still does have some solid favorites though like Montgomery Gentry, Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins.

I listen to a bit of everything but 90’s country still is my favorite.

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After I made my post this thread got me listening to the 1989 Seattle Metallica concert again most of yesterday at work, it’s my fav live performance of any band by far. They had a lot of energy back in the 80s … one thing I like that they do for every show is cover one or two songs of bands that they like or influenced them, it’s a cool gesture.

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Being a Hollywood boy, I was never into country but I did take to David Alan Coe…especially his If That Ain’t Country track. Later I really started to like Randy Travis especially Forever and Ever.