Music thread? Share your favourites here!

Didn’t spot any recently updated thread about music so decided to create new one. :blush:

I’m mostly consumer of progressive trance, melodic/vocal trance and house work really well too. Favourite artist atm. would probably be Daniel Kandi or Dan Stone, both guys have done really solid production through the years.

Couple songs that have been on constant use recently.

Also a small list including less or more old favourites from past years.

Mizar B - Magellanic Clouds
Allen Watts - Out Of Reach (THomas Hayes remix )
Super 8 & Tab feat Julie Thompson - My Enemy Rank 1 remix
Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Nautica ( Original mix )
Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith - Sunrise
Lemon & Einar K - Anticipation

Edit. 20/02/16: since some users are having issues with crashing/loading times because high amounts of youtube videos please post up to 2-3 videos per message. Thanks.


Perfect music taste @nauticads :grin: I really share that music taste. I’m a big time trancer as well, progressive and uplifting being my favorites. In general I like different styles of electronic music but trance is my main thing. And that is probably a bit strange as I used to be a metal head when I was younger, I definitely went through a preference change growing up and went into something completely different. Electronic really feels more my thing. Maybe I was an angry teenager and listened to metal / rock / punk because of that xD

I always listen to the A State of Trance radio show on thursday’s. At least that show is still about trance even though Armin van Buuren himself has gone more mainstream with his own music style which I don’t like very much. Not a fan of his new album at all. It’s been a huge disappointment for me as I used to be such a big fan of Armin as a producer an as an entertainer. From his lastest works during the past year I think only the ones he has released as Gaia or Rising Star are what I really like. He is going with the flow to keep is popularity which annoys me, he still calls his music trance but it’s not. For example, Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probs - Another You is a catchy track but damn it’s not trance and doesn’t bring any emotions as the old style Armin. But I guess that’s how it goes with the most popular artists. I don’t need Armin to have trance. Ah, this went into a rant but I’m really disappointed as Armin used to be really special for me and now it has come to this. ASOT is still a great radio show to get up to date with trance music so I still have to give him credit for that even if his own creations aren’t that great anymore.

If I would start listing my favorites I would probably start feeling bad if I don’t mention someone so it’s better not to :grin: I really have too many favorites. Electronic music and trance especially for me is kind of an art and it should be more appreciated, and many people don’t understand how much work it takes to make a perfect track. They think it’s all easy with computers but it’s definitely not, you really have to be professional and have talent with it.

Enough talking and half ranting, here is a track that I’m addicted in lately:

And some big favorites:

And as I was talking about Armin van Buuren, this is what I miss:

And… to prove it’s not all just trance that I listen to xD

I love the music video on the last one, I’m not usually a big fan of music videos but that one is great

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Love thread like this to occasionally bring back some favs!
I like all types of music but tend to just listen to albums from my phone via blutooth in the car cause I drive a fair bit.
Currently relistening Lorde - Pure Heroine and just finished Lenny Kravitz greatest hits, GZA, Jack Johnson, Flip mode squad, Adam Freeland among others.
I was a late 90s clubber so since your on that type of tune, these were some throwbacks for me:

OMG soooooo many thanks for the trip :grin:

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Good picks. We Control The Sunlight is certainly amazing, really summery song.

I have to agree with thoughts about Buuren, he made really good stuff ( Shivers, Simple Things ) all way until ~2010 and then something odd happened.

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My favourite bands are Muse, Rammstein, Slipknot, Guns n Roses.

I have had the privilege to see the first 3 in concert(Muse x3, Rammstein x1, Slipknot x3). I think I got very lucky because all 3 are heralded for being fantastic in concert and they all were.

I’d go see Guns n roses if it was either the original line up or at least Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan.

I have other bands that I enjoy as well but wouldn’t go majorly out of my way to see.
If we are talking favourite songs from each band here they are.


This is a great thread. I like all types of music except modern “Rap”. That trendy corny shit I don’t fuck around with. Music has to make sense to me, lyrically and sound wise. My main focus resides inside Hip-Hop culture though. That ol’ school, underground, indie, soulful, funky, gritty shit! Jazzy samples and drum cuts. Looping sounds of the universe and spittin raw lyrical madness one time fa’ya mind. That Hip-hop that makes you think about life. Artists that intrigue me are producers such as Nujabes, Dj Premier, MF Doom, Ant from Atmosphere, Maker and so on. Lyricists such as Mos Def, Self the bluest eye, Qwel, One Be Lo, Common Sense, Slug from Atmosphere, Eyedea, Scientifik, Ed O.G. Y’all get the point. True Golden Era Pioneers. If it ain’t knowledgeable, blissful & eargasmic it doesn’t belong in my life!

Here is one of my all time favorites, enjoy.

Calexico is the house band at Casa de Japanime in Tokyo.

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I’ve spent the last few years working on this Playlist.

My taste changed progressively over the time it’s been made, so early tracks are distinctly different from later tracks. I’ve listened to almost exclusively EDM in my free time for about eight years now.

- YouTube

Just found this on my play list. A few people here might be too young to know this, hell even I am to young. But hands down the best male singing voice ever

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I’m into all genres of trance and techno, few favs

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Amazing, I would definitely sample his voice. Heavenly.

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I usually enjoy everything except country which makes me want to puke. A couple of my favorite songs right now:

m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar ft. MC Eiht

Victorious - Panic! At The Disco

I listen to a lot of EDM (Dirty Dutch/ Dirty House) and 70s stuff (Earth, Wind and Fire/ Al Green/ Stevie Wonder) :grin:

Here’s a couple songs I recently found that’s been pumping me up for the Gym!

And for my brothers who got a lady and really want to set the mood… play a little bit of this :sunglasses:

Chvrches is my main music for the past few years. They are really good band and they are getting bigger and bigger. I am proud of them

I love Metal/Rock and Alternative Bands. Iron Maiden, Trivium, Dark Tranquillity, InFlames, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Amity Affliction,
Rob Zombie, Drowning Pool, Nightwish, The Hives, BRMC, Queens of The Stone Age, Bag Raiders, Midnight Juggernauts, Mew, White Lies, Pendulum, Peter Bjorn and John, Tame Impala

My favourite band is Alexisonfire!


Oh damn that sucks. I never got to see them live when they were still together unfortunately. This was when I was in high school and didn’t have much money lol.

@dragontype what did you think of the collaboration between Inflames and Pendulum?

I enjoyed it a lot! How about yourself?

It’s definitely a fave of mine. They could have made the greatest film clip ever from it too, but alas it never made it to singles =(

What a relaxing piece of DnB. :sunglasses:

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