Music: do you listen it? share your music preferences!

Everyone loves music, but we all have a style that we like more than others.

You listen music on streaming from your PC, smartphone, tablet, iPod or other stuff?
If YES what’s your prefer music style and and from what device you listen music to?

I personally like Trance, Dance, Korean pop and Hardstyle music.
Usually I listen Dance/Trance music on streaming from a french web radio called PulsRadioShare your music passion here! :blush:

I like to listen to @funmonkey54 singing voice.

I use spotify usually but forgot pw too it lOL and email… -.-

but uhm I listen too all sorts, depends what mood I am in

mostly lately a mix of melodystep

then other times rock and even a bit of rap

I mostly like 90’s music, classic rock and some pop. I say some because there’s a lot these days I don’t know in my old age. Here’s my Last.FM chart, although I don’t use as much as I used to.

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99% of the time, I listen to country, either on the radio/Pandora or what’s already on my phone. Most people I know can’t stand when I play music but I don’t care99% of the time, I listen to country, either on the radio/Pandora or what’s already on my phone. Most of my friends can’t stand my taste in music but I don’t care :grin:

I listen almost exclusively to EDM and techno genres. If I’m going to a concert, it’s going to be classical, however. I’ve been to see Chicago Symphony Orchestra many times and have not been disappointed yet, save one flat bassoon one time. Never saw that bassoonist again :wink:

For casual listening, I use soundcloud. It has the best selection for my type of music.

Music has never been all that huge for me. I have a few bands that I love, and a few others I will listen to now and then.

Muse, Rammstein, Slipknot are my 3 absolute favourites, with Guns n Roses close behind(sadly will never get to see them in concert).

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Like 1960s music (of course) ie: Kinks, Dylan, the Beattles

Love electronic and club music ie: Coyu and Tiesto (been to 5 EDC’s)

LOVE Gordon Lightfoot:) My Fave…

Oh I used to love in high school, that was almost 9 years ago now… x.x farout I am old…

Ok, wells, i’m a massive muso I think its best to just list a bunch of bands, and some genres I love. I adore an immense range from indie, soft rock, hardstyle trance, all the way to hardcore, screamo, metalcore, punk etc… seen some of these bands live, like rammstein shooting flame throwers at the crowd, and then fireworks, and then bubble cannons…


Bands included, but not limited too:

My chemical romance
Fort Minor
Escape the fate
modest mouse
3 oh3
spice girls
girl talk
mindless self indulgence
the used
head automatica
i’m from barcelona
jacks mannequin
dashboard confessional
the strokes
Kaiser chiefs
kate nash
kings of leon (old)
lil jon
dr dre
little man tate
linkin park
nine inch nails
new young pony club
one republic
panic at the disco
postal service
death cab for cutie
the doors
razed in black
relient k
secret handshake
She wants revenge
shiny toy guns
system of a downs
tapes n tapes
the teenagers
vampire weekend
we are scientists
the xx
yeah yeah yeahs
The smiths
boney m
deepche mode
falling in reverse (old)

various k-pop / j -pop

i’m white btw…

Like if you like any of the bands in the list… i can’t say a favourite, there are too many i didnt even list on here…

@kkthxbai wow you have so many groups as a favorite!

Lol. Easy to answer the ops question without listing every band in history;)
If you could go out tonight and watch any act, or double bill,…which act(s) would it be?

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I primarily listen to…


(The element shown in the image is Osmium, the densest metal in the world. Get it? No? Aw :sob: )

I enjoy the majority of metal genres (e.g. symphonic, power, speed, industrial, nu, etc), including lesser known categories (e.g. groove). My favourite bands within this genre include Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, and Ill Niño. In addition, I enjoy a multitude of rock bands from the 60s - 80s; examples include Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Trooper, and Blue Öyster Cult. I particularly adore bands whose style is unique, like CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival). I also luxuriate in the aural creativity of other genres, including classical, jazz, blues, funk and electronica.

In related news, I’m currently being forced to listen to country music because of the Calgary Stampede. You think my ears would be desensitized to it after 20 years of living here, but nope (laughs). Country is not a bad genre in the slightest; I just don’t get too excited listening to it.

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Brother, you’d love Cream;)

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Lol. I’m not sure, Underoath or MCR, but they just broke up… Nine inch nails is suppose to be good. Also slipknot would be interesting.

I do like UU’s post also, Il nino is cool, and lol@ the country, I can only listen to a few songs in that genre… omg, that reminds me…Haha, do you remember when snopp dogg joined up with willie nelson. WTH!! WTH!! was that. so bad >.<

It’s funny. A lot of your favorite groups “broke up”. A lot of my favorite groups have passed away lol.

Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes~

I listen to Cream, albeit infrequently. I should sort through my music collection and find Steppenwolf, April Wine, Steve Miller Band, too :blush:

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Red Hot Chili Peppers… so many amazing songs :blush:

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Californication was one of the first cd’s I bought, back when cd’s were still relevant.


Pink Floyd is my #1 go to group. At the other end of the music spectrum I love Vocaloid.

Evanescence was a favorite of mine but nowadays I listen to Adele, otherwise it all about Disney soundtrack from the movie Frozen because of the kids. I know I’m showing my age. :blush: