Rayquaza GS PSA 10 listed by Probstein

What are their rates? I’m a Z&G patrician

edit: assuming this is up to date?

I’ll stick with Z&G just because I like James & Kam and their rates are a little better for me as a mostly sub-$500 seller. Never had an issue and they pay the Friday after Sunday close which is fine by me.


Yep those are the correct rates. I’ve used James since he started consigning also, and have no issues whatsoever with z&g. Their rates are really nice now too vs back then.

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How fast do they payout? Assuming it comes through PayPal F&F?

They send a spreadsheet the very next morning with all the final totals and fees and net amount and normally send the payment within 5 days or quicker. I get a check sent since I’m old school and I live close to them so get the mail within a day or two tops

Pardon my ignorance but why consign cards with these ebay sellers? Do they not have to pay ebay fees?

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You also have fees which are almost the same as normal ebay fees but you don’t have to spend time on the listing, shipping and customer service. On top of that you won’t have to deal with complaints or scammers which could be an important factors on more expensive cards.


Also, the rates are actually better in some instances because these consigners have special deals with eBay

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I’m experimenting with a different type of ad model. Hopefully it will be more profitable while being far far more useful to users here.


For those of you who are curious, the PSA 10 Rayquaza Gold Star is already above $30,000.


Because of all this dope e4 advertising of course!

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Whew boy. Was at 37k with like three seconds left and then jumped to 48k and ended. This card has been in the 35-40 range for a number of years so this seems about right for being a new cert.

50k is too much

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Not for the #kingofthegoldstars !

But yeah I’d much rather have the one for 38k last month lol

Id rather two 1st ed PSA 10 Blastoises for 50k

Or an assortment of non starter holos


Go back four years and you could get 10 1st edition PSA 10 Blastoise for that much. Or now you could get like five waifu cards.


yep totally I’d rather have fractional ownership of an EBD Lillie for that price


Wonder if it was paid. Seeing modern card prices I guess it isn’t that nuts.