Rayquaza gold star variants (US vs UK)

I have heard there are differences between the US english GS rayquaza and the UK version with the UK version being the more sought after variant. I can’t seem to find any side by side comparisons or any clear indicator o differentiate between the two. Sorry in advance if this has already been covered here but I can’t seem to find many answers.

Where did you hear this @bigmoneyflameboi?

The UK colors are significantly more crisp and the card looks better. I’m sure photos will be posted soon!


How can one tell the difference? I know PSA doesn’t differentiate between them. Isn’t there also an Australian version?

First heard it from a buddy at a local card shop yesterday when I showed him the ray I have; which he said looked like the UK version. Then stumbled upon a super vague reddit post while looking into to it last night. I can post my ray if it helps :man_shrugging:t2:


yes! thank you!

im not splitting hairs over Gold Star Rayquaza if im being honest.




Im currently staring at mine more confused than ever


Really? To me it is rather obvious that the one on the right has a more saturated hue.

What I can’t really tell but it seems that the printing resolution on the right seems to be “sharper” if that makes sense…

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The one on the right is closer to the camera

Like @eeveeteam said, the focus is probably adjusted for on the slab on the right. It’d be better to compare if they were in the same focus plane if comparisons of resolution needed to be made.

Some color differences do seem apparent though.

nah in all seriousness I’m pretty sure mines the UK version

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What about the saturation? Such a small variation in distance will surely not account for that

There are 2 differences in the artwork, as far as I can see:

  1. Background’s whirlwind in the UK ver is more blueish than US ver.
  2. Rayquaza’s overall body in UK ver has a darker black than US ver.

My eyes are sensitive to color differences and changes due to frequent working with photos editting softwares.


This has been known for quite some time, and there does exist a side by side comparison that can be seen in the Instagram post linked below. As mentioned above there’s a clarity in the line work of rayquaza himself as well as a deeper richer saturation on the overall artwork.


Is this difference in saturation found across the entire EX-era or just in EX Deoxys?

This as far as I know, is a printing variation only observed in ex deoxys gold stars. Similar to neo revelation holo bleed ho oh, or the shining magikarp/gyarados. Just a weird anomaly in how they printed the cards. This particular variation is because of how the gold stars were printed in the US vs International English cards.

TBF, it’s a small differentiation, I personally would be happy with a PSA 9 international or US. I’ve owned a US version and like most people am very happy with it. I have a psa 8 international copy and you def can tell the difference. Like all other similar scenarios, some care, some don’t haha collect what you enjoy :slight_smile: with that being said, i do like the international variant more!


To be able to own a Rayquaza :star:, I would be overjoyed to the moon! Wouldn’t mind the subtle differences at all.