Gyarados Goldstar Question

Hello E4 enthusiasts, recently I found out that ugly red gyarados I didn’t quite care was indeed a goldstar and was released before the chorizord goldstar. So I wanted to add it to my want list BUT, here is the thing. For neo rev Shining Gyarados I ended up getting the Japanese version, why? It hitted my face very cheap at a flea market. Knowing the Japanese version is much more rare than English 1st edition (even tho this one is more expensive cos english is hyped, yes, yes it is) I was happy with it and decided it will be my only shining gyarados card. So here is my question, is Japanese 1st ed goldstar gyarados rarer than the english version? Anyone can bring some light over this? Thanks in advance.

I think this question can be generalized for all Gold Stars: Was the pull rate for Japanese Gold Stars rarer than that of the English Goldstars? I don’t know. I also haven’t seen any proof that the alleged 1:300 packs pull rate of Japanese Shining cards is true. All I can say is that Gyarados Star has one of the highest PSA 10 Pops of all Japanese Goldstars (123). Compare that to the 30 English PSA 10s and we can assume that the English Gyarados is at least much more scarce.

Or that it’s just harder to grade, thats why the price. Also japanese shinings from neo were always higher or the same price that english 1st ed, non graded cards I mean.

English is harder to grade, but the Japanese flavor had a more difficult pull rate


Out of curiosity, do we have sources for the pull rates of Japanese Shinings/Gold Stars/Crystals? I have heard repeatedly that the Japanese versions had tougher pull rates, but to this day I haven’t found out where these statements originate from. There seems to be something to it because even Scott mentioned the 1:300 pull rate for Shinings in one of his videos (although not as confirmation), I just want to know it for a fact.

Would love to read something that confirms this, and the goldstar version too