Rarity of Japanese Fan Club cards in Japan

Hi everyone! So the topic I want to discuss today is about Japanese cards that we consider rare here in the states, Canada, uk, etc. Specifically the Fan Club promos. I know that the Eevee, Shining Magikarp, and Porygon from the old Fan Club are fairly expensive here but what about in Japan? Are these considered rare in Japan?
What about the new Fan Club cards? Specifically the eeveelution gold stars (umbreon, espeon, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon). It’s my understanding that the Umbreon and Espeon are considered rare everywhere.

I cannot speak for rarity of the Fan Club cards in Japan, but from what I’ve seen in Yahoo Japan auctions, the cards don’t come up really frequently (other than the odd one with a super high BIN price that sits there for a while). And the Shining Magikarp comes up the least, followed (with a fair gap) by Porygon and Eevee coming up. So that’s similar to here!

I can attempt to gage rarity by prices there, and for those, the price is equally high in Japan when they sell at auction, compared to here. Many come through just under what they sell at here in the English market (but probably a similar price when you take into account middleman fees), but some auctions go through the roof and go for higher than here prices. Either way, this indicates to me that they are desirable and rare in Japan, just as they are here. It’s not as though there are tons in Japan selling for dirt cheap prices, it isn’t like that (which is reassuring).

I would love to get the insight of someone much more knowledgeable though, like @japanime!

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