Rare Jumbo Promo cards

Hey guys, got another question. Ive always liked the concept of jumbo cards, especially mint ones, as theyre usually promos that are packaged/distributed poorly. Ive been looking into it, and I noticed a few lesser known ones. I was just curious to see which ones are significantly rarer than your average promo and why exactly that is, along with whether that rarity is due to difficulty of obtaining it in the context of a competition or event, extent of the release dates, obscurity due to the actual pokemon, or other extenuating circumstances. For example, I noticed that the New Years Gyarados millenium promo is sold far less than its Celebi counterpart, so I just wanted to hear some thoughts on why that is and other rare jumbos you guys know of. Not sure if there already is one, but this could also turn into a jumbo collection show-off thread, and im okay with that lol.

The Celebi/ho-oh/gyarados new year present jumbos are rare because they were given away as prizes. I used to own all the english and japanese jumbo in mint condition and it’s really fun to find. The hardest one are the 6 version of Giratina cards.

I wasnt aware of a ho-oh jumbo, besides the skyridge and BREAK ones. And I was asking why is the celebi promo more prominent, in better condition, and sold far more often than the gyarados one.

Im glad to hear about another jumbo collector! What are some of your favorite ones? I saw your posts on other forums. Id love to see all your rarest ones.


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Appreciate the list! Are you a big jumbo collector, too?

I have over 133 in different languages and a pile waiting to be inventoried.

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So no? Lol just kidding

Thats ridiculous. The only obscure foreign one i have is an italian m gyarados jumbo. Im assuming you have the jr rally hokkaido ones? The zekrom is what got me back into jumbos, as im collecting zekroms on the side. Im trying to do a whole gen 5 theme haha. Are you, daelum and elam the main jumbo guys? Ive been looking over alot of posts and there seems to be alot of obscure and unknown jumbos, like the 2009 illustrator entries, etc. Mind giving me some tips and info about some of those rarer or lesser known ones?

☐ Dialga Premium Box DP26 Dialga
☐ Dialga Premium Box DP26 Dialga
☐ Palkia Premium Box DP27 Palkia
☐ Palkia Premium Box DP27 Palkia

Aren’t very expensive, but they should grow harder to find.

Oh, cool! Do you know anything about cards like elam was talking about?

He was talking about
☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
☐ Fan Club New Year Present
☐ CoroCoro Charizard (English)
☐ Fan Club New Century Present
☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Victini
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Reshiram
☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Zekrom


Yeah, i saw that post about the giratina. And i knew the others he was referring to, it was more the lugia and ho-oh legend and illustrator jumbos he talked about in his previous post. I wish he’d get back online haha

yes the lugia/ho-oh legend (front/back) jumbo is super rare and was only given at an event.

Also, I sold my entire jumbo collection. The hardest to find is the 5 different Giratina jumbos, lugia/ho-oh legend back/front and the illustrator jumbos.

How many do you have? Also I only collect English/Japanese Jumbos.

The reason why the celebi is sold more is because the population of the gyarados is either being hoarded or is less produced.

I thought mecha Mewtwo was harder to find than lugia/ho-oh legend back/front.

Do you have any pictures of these ones? Id love the origin forme giratina. And your whole collection?? Whys that?

I dont have too many. Just the ones that fit into my collection, like the gyarados’ and zekroms, along with a few random ones. Something i only recently got into

Pictures of which ones?

Mecha Mewtwo is easier to find than the lugia/ho-oh legend back/front. Past 3 years, I seen 5 Mecha vs 2 lugia/ho-oh

Pictures of which ones? Yes I sold my whole collections, I still have a left over Birthday Pikachu 2008 and Keledo EX japanese. the jumbos are the hardest to collect especially 1 or 2 of the winner best english jumbo promo

Pictures of the ho-oh and lugia, or the illustrator winners.

One of the rarest jumbo cards is the “Special Jumbo carddass” Pocket Monsters Pikachu:

(picture taken from hapycakeoven)


I love that pikachu art lol


isn’t there some unofficial jumbo from the 90s that was given out too?