Quote I received on Chinese Unlimited Base set

Dude wants 490USD for:


What condition?

That’s ~$50 per Holo. Yikes.

I know mate it’s mental. In mint condition. I have some of the cards already…but I reckon I could get them graded and sell on.

If I sell my Ex Legend booster packs…might be okay.

Can you see how I am convincing myself this is alright? That’s why I needed to post this question.

Does it include the C/U/R cards?

$490 doesn’t sound that bad if it is all mint. They surely are difficult to find in that condition and the packs are quite expensive. I guess to put things into perspective: how much more would you have to pay for a sealed box? The last I saw, they were selling at $600 or so. That would net you 12 Holos and about 300 extra C/U/R cards.

On that note: I have not ever seen any sealed Unlimited items so I can’t comment on their value/rarity.

No it’s just the holos I listed. As a bonus, it would mean I’m two cards away from a complete set!

I mean, if you are able to get all of those just off the revenue of selling SOME of your packs, I would absolutely do it.

Actually there should be 12 holos per box.
50.00 per holo is insane and I won’t let you do it brother:) Buying a box would be waaaay smarter.

Woops! 12 Holos is correct. My math was a bit off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this isn’t technically my offer, this is an old offer from a contact of mine to you I’m more or less the middleman, but I find it funny that this is the second time someone has asked on this site if the offers made through my eBay account are fair or not, lol.

Maybe I should just change my name to PokemonPlace instead of Cullers.

As for the actual offer and the info, would I personally pay that price, no. That’s why the offer was made available to you if I would pay that price they’d be gone. I believe I remember saying that the prices were high through our messages in the past too. Do I think it’s a horrible price, no to that either. The cards aren’t easy to find, if you’re having trouble finding a specific card maybe just pick up that card alone and leave the rest.


Where are you picking up booster packs at $10-$13? I’ll buy them all. Last I saw and picked up, they were around $30-$40.


I guess I was thinking 1st edition, that makes sense.

I was merely getting a second opinion via an external forum, without mentioning the seller or the middleman. No need to be defensive as there is no attack :slight_smile:

It’s just a lot of money for me, so I was seeing if I was being stupid on splashing out that much cash. Pointless really, as items such as these are worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay. It’s a subjective sale.

As it turns out, I do only need one or two of the cards, but I’d prefer to get as many as I can, get some graded, and work out which ones are surplus.

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I saw those. Doubt they will be seen again. I think they’ve all been taken out the scene. I’m going to some old toy shops in Macau this weekend, as I heard a rumour there are base set boosters there. Unfortunately I also heard that someone already cleared them out. I’ll go hunting, and see what I can dig up.

Text is hard to interpretate emotion through, I’m not defensive at all. If I was I’d let you know through private messages vs public chat.

Honestly I don’t mind if people want to get all the opinion they want, I’m not trying to rip someone off or anything. I know the value of my items as well as others. I’ve give you my honest opinion on anything.

I’m just more of less commenting on the irony, if you know my personally you’ll know I’m a big fan of irony, so I have to point it out. Me being a member here and it happening twice is very ironic to me. The only thing I like more then irony is the misuse or overuse of words, but that’s a different story.

last time i bought my chinese booster packs I got them for like $20 something each I believe

on topic here though sounds alot but again if you are happy to pay that
that’s down to you really

Yes…that’s fine and well…but I doubt they will surface again. Price would surely go up now - especially as I have contributed to their hyping haha.