1st Edition Base Set Cards

I haven’t actually gotten around to collecting 1st Edition Base Set cards yet, but recently I figured it was time to start picking some up.

I have Chansey and Nidoking bought and on their way.

I was recently offered $185 for Clefairy, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Poliwrath and Hitmonchan. That’s $37 per card. Is that a good deal? All cards are NM+/M condition. I don’t plan on grading, but I still like nice looking cards. :wink:

I just don’t know enough about 1st edition Base Set to be a good judge on their prices. Haha.

If anyone could give me a range of what each holo is worth in NM/M condition, I would really appreciate it!

Machamp (Sealed)

Thanks for any help! :blush:

If truly NM/M then all but 2,4,8, and 15 are worth 50.00 or so.
#2 and #15 maybe double
#4 about 350.00
#8 3.00 if shadowed… 10.00 if non shadow.

^ Those are fair prices for NM/M

You should definitely accept the lot you’ve been offered…I would :blush:

Thank you very much for the replies!! :blush:

I will be accepting the offer for sure. I’m thinking about adding a Blastoise they have as well, though it is more NM- due to some edge whitening. But if the offer is good, I’ll go for it!

I have another question.

What do you guys think a complete non-holo 1st edition Base Set in NM/M condition is worth? Once I get the holos out of the way, I think I’d rather go for a complete non-holo set than buying them in singles. lol

I have another question! :blush:

I was offered this Blastoise for $55. There’s a decent amount of edge wear on it, but I’d still collect it. Is $55 good for the card in it’s current condition?

55.00 would be the most I’d pay for a worn blastoise.

When youre ready for a nm/m non holo set let me know…

When you get to be my age, your eyes won’t even detect the edge wear :grin:


What would be a fair price for a 1st edition (not sealed) shadowless machamp in EX/NM condition?

I’m not as experienced as Gary or Jason in terms of the prices, but take into consideration that this card might rather be EX than NM. I haven’t seen a card yet that has heavy edge wear on just ONE side of it. Might be a lucky picture of the front side. I hope you can accumulate a nice set of these tho :blush: