Korean Base Set Holos

Hi everyone a quick question to you:
How much would you be willing to spend on a first edition korean base set 15 card lot? Those are all the holos from the set except Charizard and they are all in perfect gem mint condition. Thanks

E: I don’t want to sell them! I recently bought the lot and need to know if it was a good deal!

Except for Charizard?
Probably between $30 and $60, if the Base Set Korean Ultra Rare distribution is as skimpy as their current sets.

wow. really? I thought they were somewhat more valuable?

There really isn’t a huge market for them. It’s the same reason that Korean booster boxes go for $20 each, vs the $50 Japanese ones of the same size.

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I spent almost an entire year hunting for some Korean cards, got in contact with two separate people physically in Korea, and offered big money for the two cards I was missing. I couldn’t dig them up. The market is so small that even people in Korea aren’t able to find singles anywhere. It is honestly surprising it is still even printed.

I’m searching for Korean and Chinese Base cards. If I see a lot of 15 Holo cards listed I would give more than $ 60.00 for the cards. The problem is like funmonkey54 said, there are not a lot of collectors that collect these cards.
Like whe say in the Netherlands: The cards are worth, what a fool is willing to pay for them :wink:

So would I and honestly those cards do not appear for sale very often so they must be considered rare to a certain degree. I regognized that recent korean sets are going for ridiculously low prices but you can’t compare that to base set cards. For example there is a korean base set booster box on ebay for almost $700 and the seller is recieving tons of offers. So if you say $60 would be reasonable then that would mean they are like worth just as much as the english set. That does not make sense to me. But in the end @abv150 is right, it all comes down to how much am I willing to pay. And yeah even if I overpayed on this one I’m still glad I got them!

Here is the auction:
(got it for somewhat less and the seller provided free shipping)

So it comes down to € 10.00 per card I think :wink:
You won’t make a profit, but that’s not the reason you bought the cards.

If I see them for € 10.00 a piece, I will also buy them (if they are mint of course).

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I still wouldn’t pay that much. Haha. I don’t think in this instance that scarcity adds value. I also don’t think that a sealed base Korean box is even the same submarket.

But if you feel like you got a deal, it doesn’t matter what I would pay. Haha.