Full Japanese Base set?

$150 reasonable for the Base set or is that pretty expensive?

It’s on the expensive side I think… Having said that, I need one (thinking of getting into set collecting too, sigh) so I might just pick it up myself!

It’s complete with holos right? Including Charizard?

Yeah I think its the full lot.

I agree with the sigh…I bought a few recently and now I want more :open_mouth:

Can anyone suggest what a decent price for this set would be please?


I auctioned a near complete mint one off for $80 something on eBay about a year ago. It had all 16 holos, I think it was missing two of the non-holo rares when I auctioned it.

That isn’t too bad, I know jimmy had them up a few months back at stellar prices.

Oh and if you guys need help on some japanese uncommon or common older cards let me know. I was going to get rid of mine in bulk, I literally have about 10,000 extras. But if you need any japanese from the older and Dp series just give me a list and I can help you.

Scott, I recommend you give the UPCCC folk a period to raid those extras before selling the rest on eBay.

Its a pain finding the one or two commons/uncommons you might need to complete a set because of course, noone bothers selling those separately

Awesome scott, I have some sets with lots of missing cards as I just got the holos

So 150 for Base? I think it may be 1st ed.

Yeah I am not listing the uncommon/common ones. The rare and holo lots went up on ebay today but the uncommon/commons will stay off.

Put them up - after people here have raided the collection :wink: