1st ed Chinese Base Set

From what I’ve gathered the 1st ed Chinese Base Set can be a very rare set, but how rare; by comparison? More Rare than English Base? E-Series 5? Neo Destiny? VS?

There seems to be a discernible paradigm for all Pokemon Sets: packs, boxes, individualy rare cards, and difficulty of obtaining a completed set; an average estimate of all of these, based on rarity:demand, can be cause for a large price.

But where does 1st ed Chinese Base Set fall?

-I’ve yet to see individual 1st Chinese Base card up for sale (other than a Best Offer accepted unlimited Charizard a few weeks ago). So, no help there.

-1st Chinese Booster packs go for significantly less ($20-$60 per pack) than their english 1st ed counterpart ($hundreds), but are less common. Is it bc is simply not in english?

-I cant find ANY information on 1st Chinese Base Booster Boxes…at all

Can someone please put this set in perspective?

I recently purchased the incomplete set up for auction. Based on condition and ‘completeness’ of the set, im sure I overpaid. However, I feel there is something there that justifies the price paid. Rarity. By my pure speculative guess, its significantly more than Base Set Unlimited and mostly less that 1st ed Shadowless.

I’d really appreciate any and all information on this subject.


I think you have it about right regarding the rarity. Price wise figure .50 common, .75 uncommon, 4.00 rare and holos maybe triple English unlimited prices. I don’t have many of the rarest but I do sell these at those prices.

then i way overpaid. shucks.

got a list of the ones you have for sale?

No I don’t. If you have a wish list then I could fill all commons and uncommons and most rares and a few holos.

Clefairy, Gyarados, Machamp, Magneton, Mewtwo, Poliwrath, Dragonair, Maintenance Trainer
5/102, 6/102, 8/102, 9/102, 10/102 13/102) 18/102 83/102

These are the ones I need to finish the 1st ed Chinese Base Set.

And just to be clear I’m looking for Chinese 1st ed, not Japanese unlimited (difference shown below)

1st ed Chinese Base Ultd Japanese Base
Attachment DeletedAttachment Deleted

So you’re the one who bought the auction on ebay… I was negotiating with the seller for quite some time since I was only looking for the holos and he didn’t want to split his auction up. Plus the price he was looking to get was ridiculous at first. He said he would try to sell it at this price a couple of times and then give them to me. Looks like he found someone who was willing to pay those $200 :confused: Of course you overpaid but we’ve had this conversation some time ago with the korean set and this is the same. The value depends on how much are you willing to pay since the market is very small…
Enjoy the cards, (next auction is mine tho :wink: )

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Hey packrippa…i seen that auction. I thought about buying it also but i ended up buying something else even more awesome :blush:
But i would have loved to get my hands on the chinese 1st ed holos like that! :confused:

Ehh dont take it too hard man…weve all over paid for a card at some point or another.
As you know the older the cards get…the more they go up in value! Just hold on to them and enjoy them! :blush:

Btw…when you get those cards…could you please make a video of them on youtube? I would love to see those cards up close since iv never really seen them anywhere else! :blush:

Well, what did u wind up getting?

And yes, I will absolutely make a video of those bad boys when they come in. I honestly based the price of the complete set compared to a few of those holos getting 9+ grades. I bought potential, but thats all it is until I get them graded. …,PSA 9 1st ed Chinese Charizard would sell for what I bought the whole set for…i think

I ended up getting a psa 9 japanese gold star rayquaza in 1st edition. Now ill have 2 first edition rayquaza stars :blush:
I also got a japanese crystal crobat. :blush:

And sweet! Thanks. Cant wait to see that video. And oh man…those are gonna be awesome psa graded! Im jealous! :wink: haha :grin:

If you bought them for resale purposes, send me a pm once you got the grades :wink:

I was also planning on buying these, but hoped the price would drop a little bit, because it was not a complete set. Instead I now bought the 3 Chinese Base Boosters :wink: