Price check - 1st edition foreign base set

Mainly aiming on the western foreign base set - Dutch/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Portugese/etc. - though info on Chinese/Korean/Japanese is also welcome.

I’m wondering what the value is of PSA 9 and PSA 10 cards and whether there are plenty of collectors around in your experience? Mainly talking about the non-starter holo’s as Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur tend to have more information readily available about them and also tend to have different values.

I found some information using eBay’s completed listings of the last three months on Alakazam for example and in auctions PSA 9 seemed to go at $60 and PSA 10 at $180, though aren’t those numbers skewed? If an item isn’t that popular then auctions will usually lose you money whereas direct sales is where the money is, though you’ve got to be a little bit more patient.

There’s also barely any of them for sale right now, which makes it even difficult to predict for which price a card is not selling, but the flipside of all this is that you cannot know whether a card is popular or not if nobody is selling it.

I don’t know about the other foreign prints, but I can give you my view on the Portuguese set:

The Portuguese 1st edition release was very very short with the cards being printed very poorly, hence extremely hard to grade. If you are going to hunt those down join the club. I am in Portugal and the 1st editions are either bad condition or extremely overpriced (in Nr Mint condition) and not worth grading if you are looking for the 10. Is a very frustrating job, but… Gotta Catch’em All.

In fact there is only 1 Charizard graded PSA 10 and 4 PSA 9s. Charizard is also the only holo graded from the set. You can find PSA 10 copies of the Wartortle errors, which is present in all the Portuguese print run, hence not that hard to find (here they will still push for 20€ for a beaten one because they read that there is an error online… it’s stupid)

Ebirdman is selling a 9,5 Becket Charizard for 3000$ so you have a reference.

For a full set in 1st edition RAW, I was offered to buy from 1500€ to 3000€…They were mentioning that the cards were as good as pack fresh, yet I don’t know because with that price I immediately showed no more interest.

You need to take into consideration that it is a very small niche market, and I can tell you there is only 1 Portuguese trying to get those in PSA 9 and 10, and that’s me. I can’t speak for Brazilians though xD

Hope that helps!


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Those foreign base cards are actually quite popular. Yes, they are pretty rare and not around much which doesn’t hurt the prices.
Have you thought of picking up some boxes? One box gets you really close to a set and they’ll be in very mint condition:)

I am looking for a box in here for ages :sob: I think I have entered in all possible stores that could sell the damn thing in all 3 major cities, without luck.

I know once in a while they pop up on eBay. But again the import charges kill me and I end up paying 25% more of the original price

Yeah, been thinking about it, last time I checked a few weeks ago German 1st edition base booster boxes were quite affordable, haven’t checked other languages yet though

I can. good luck if you want to catch’em all in different languages because it’s virtually impossible to find sealed boxes in PT-BR.

there are no serious collectors here, I think people don’t even know what PSA is. most listings start at U$100,00 and are for beaten up base Charizards, like this. this is the cheapest I could find (in English) and it shows the average condition of BR cards. (note: it says ‘condition: excellent’ in the description).

a few months ago a kid paid the equivalent of 450 dollars for an ungraded 1st ed. “MINT” Charizard and apparently that’s newsworthy because he became front page news on UOL.

this is why I collect Japanese cards exclusively. that and the fact I despise my countrymen.

I know the French and German Base Set cards are popular, see them graded on PSA return videos. And even though the prices sometimes look to be high, i think that these are still affordable.

I’m collecting the 1st edition Korean base set, there are a few PSA 10 Holos on eBay for around $175 so they don’t go for much even though it is rare in terms of booster boxes and booster packs

I think that with foreign sets people largely prefer 10s more over 9s which is why there is the huge gap between PSA 9 and PSA 10 prices.

Viva! É bom encontrar coleccionadores que partilham a mesma língua :grin:

In here the conditions and the prices resemble those in Brazil. Collectors are few, but I know of some that do collect actively as a complement on the competitive playing. Unlimited boxes pop up on eBay every other month, with very accessible prices though.

I am not trying to catch’em all in different languages, just the Portugues, English and Japanese… Maybe when those are finished…if ever xD