How rare are Chinese cards from base to e_series?

Hi I was just wondering how rare Chinese cards are?On ebay uk just now there is only 1 listing for Chinese pokemon!Also are the sets the same for Chinese cards or are there any differences?Thanks.


Only Base set (and theme decks), EX Legend Maker, Plusle and Minun theme deck and miscellaneous promos were printed in Chinese. At least, that I am aware of.

Which misc promos? Is there a list?

Cool thanks fot the info, I really did not know that there is Chinese cards until I came on this forum. Anyone know how much the charizard is worth in mint?

Mint Chinese CharIzard is expensive. Because it is a niche collectors item - the cost is whatever you would pay for it.

I just recently massively overlaid for BGS 9 Charizard…couple hundred dollars…

They are very rare. I have 9 holos so far…and I’ve spent a LONG time finding them!

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Yeah, right Guang! You found all those cards in 2 weeks! haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yes…but it was 2 weeks of persistence! My chinese language skills helped a lot :slight_smile:

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Cool I think I will collect thr Chinese base set as well,I like a good challenge!

A challenger emerges…in that case…
…I take it back. They are worthless - don’t bother! It will be easier to just send me links to any you find and I’ll take that burden off your hands.


No need to worry you will most likely have completed the set at least twice by the time I find any,if ebay listings/completed listings is anything to go by!

No, in all seriousness - good to have someone else into these cards…means we can trade laters and help each other finish the set. It is tricky though- and shoot me a message if you do bid on something. Better we split the cost and work out which cards we both need than having a bidding war? I only need a few more holos to finish the set. Raichu, Chansey and clefable seem to be the hardest to track down!

Cool mate I will keep an eye out and let you know if I find them and well done on getting that many you should post photos of them on here once you have the full set:-) Just noticed you allready have they look smashing!

Lol. its probably my spare Chinese base incomplete mint set up on ebay at the moment… It was all the spares from packets I broke last year. Over 21 watchers on that item, so it will be interesting to see where it goes, to give a little bit of a price indicator.

Congrats on the sale. My gf caught me panic bidding at the end and stopped me :frowning:


haha… thx I guess, I think I spent more on the sealed packs those came from than what it went for. It was just excess from the personal set I was building… just let it go for whatever from 99cents. I’m so close to completing my own personal unlimited chinese set now… only missing 2 cards I think.

Thanks to the forum for helping me network here.

I had a try at buying them,went up to ÂŁ65 unfortunately I could not go more than that,really wanted them as well:-(

Hey new here, was wondering if someone could help me price pulse and minum trainer box’s in chinese, bit afraid to open them as I figure they could be rare and worth more in their boxes, any info you guys could give would be appreciated, thanks.

Chinese? @guangjohto :wink:

Thanks poketrade, just read the 29 page thread on his page, seems like the guy I need to talk to.