Want: Chinese base set cards

Looking to trade or buy. My collection can be seen In collections sub forum.

I work and live in China…can’t find any old cards here anywhere. I’m desperate to get hold of some Chinese cards! Anyone out there able to help me out?


I might have some Chinese Base cards left from some Starter Decks I’ve opened.
Just have to find them…

I’ll let you know what I’ve got.

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Found these Unlimited Chinese Base cards for you:

Charmeleon , Dewgong , Dratini , Growlithe , Kakuna , Charmander , Diglett , Gastly , Machop , Poliwag , Ponyta , Rattata , Sandshrew , Tangela , Potion , Switch , Colorless, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning and Psychic Energy.

Let me know if you want these cards.

Thanks, let me know what you want for them, perhaps in a DM?

Anyone out there have Chinese…


Need those in particular, but looking for all Chinese cards.

I’m still awaiting reply from the guy who I nearly bought a near complete holo set from ever since I turned it down he hasn’t spoken to me lol
wish I bought it now but at the time I needed the asking price he wanted for something else ( he wanted $200 I believe I got it down too $120 ish but still couldn’t at the time )

Clefable is a Jungle card there won’t be a Chinese Clefable card. :blush:

Meant Chansey

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I could do 120. I want these cards above all else…want to hand them down to my kid one day (kid will be half Chinese)!


The Chinese base set theme deck is on ebay usa,think it is £40.

Cheers yeah saw that. Not into decks but good looking out!

No problem cant believe theres none on ebay at all,even checking completed listings no Chinese base cards are coming up:-o

Really? There’s a lot of 85 cards for 55 quid. Also a user here currently has some up. Then there’s the guy who lists them as “5 water/fire/grass/etc types” for around £10 each.

I might scoop them up on pay day. The 55 pounds one is too much though.

Still on the hunt for Base Set holos. If you have some, I have Chinese Ex legend booster packs for trade.