WANT: Chinese base set Chansey

I need this one to complete my set.

I have Some spare Chinese Ninteales, Mewtwo, Machamp, Gyarados to trade. Or I will buy it.

Looking to send my collection to PSA, so graded would be even better.

Let me know!

Update: I have 3 now :slight_smile:

you have 3 chinese chanseys now??



would you happent to have a raichu unlimited spare? and couple other cards i’m missing?

I’ll re-assess the situation when I’m in England in a few days. I’ve lost track of what I have actually. I need to get back there and sort it all out for PSA. I’ve completed first and unlimited - with many duplicates. I’ll let you know. See my collection thread laters.

Let me know about the Venusaurs too =p

I do have a spare 1st edition Chinese venusaur.

What would you be looking for it ?

Korean/Dutch base? Not sure as I’ve just finished Chinese. Unsure of next venture.

I’m very fond of Korean base. I toss a vote in that bucket. Haha.

I vote Korean too
sadly Don’t have any cards in that field
and only really have dutch theme decks

I’d say Spanish…since so much of the world speaks it;)

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I say dutch because barely anyone collects it

I might just retire as soon as I have the Chinese sets in PSA9/10.

I only got back into it because I live in China, study the language, and love Pokemon cards. We’ll see. I need to calm it down a bit, hit the collecting far too hard and spent too much time on the Chinese collection (completed both 1st and unlimited in about 4 months!)