Value of Chinese Base set Charizard - unlimited

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate on the value of a Base set Charizard, unlimited printing in Chinese. I’ve only ever seen 1st edition Chinese cards and was wondering if the unlimited print is harder to find? This card in question is definitely not Korean.


He’s an expert in foreign cards!

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Korean and Chinese base set cards do not come by very often. For both the unlimited print run is arguably rarer than their first edition counter part. Charizard obviously being the most popular of them all which usually makes it the most expensive as well.

If you have the chance to get your hands on one of those I would definitely recommend that. Whereas the point of selling is that there is a very small market for these type of cards. At least the group of buyers is very limited so it all comes down to finding the right person who is willing pay your price. To give you a rough estimate… If the card is Mint I’d spend around 100$ on it, but that’s just me. Hopefully this helps.

Are you thinking about buying one or do you have one for sale?

Thanks acd12209 I actually have one that will potentially be for sale, I just have no idea what the ball park value is.

No problem, send me a PM in case you decide to sell!

So I suppose you’re chino_1_1999 on :wink: