Base sets

So. Finished the Chinese sets in PSA 9 and 10.

Recently acquired the two shadowless sets in a trade. Realized my base set collection is getting pretty large.

Cats knocked down my Chinese sets so instead of putting them all up again, ended up doing this:

Completed base sets:

Chinese 1st edition
English unlimited
Korean 1st edition
English 1st edition shadowless
English unlimited shadowless
Chinese unlimited

Not sure where I’m headed with this, doubt I’ll chase all the languages but we’ll see what happens. I do have sealed booster packs in languages except Korean unlimited. Playing it slower from now on, see what pops up every now and then :slight_smile:


Looking good. Love the display.

Very nice very nice very nice.
If you need anything italian let me know joe.
1st base set complete up for trade for you.

Do you have the portoguese booster packs?
Im looking for those in 1st for years

Thanks bud. Thinking of buying one of these Chinese teapot display units for my favorite Chinese cards:

Think they’d look awesome on one these


Holy crap, I thought you had 1st edition Chinese Venusaur in PSA 10 for second and I nirly craped my pants. Hory Sheet though, you have 1st edition Gem 10 koreans.

Awesome cards mate keep at it!

Very nice man!

Looking awesome! can’t believe that 10 on the Korean venusaur! :blush: I would really love to gauge that single cards value now, but it’s tough to tell… I estimate at the very least $480+ and maybe ridiculously higher at auction.

Some big money all together there :blush:

By sets do you just mean the 3 starter lines o do you have full set lurking elsewhere? Either way your collection is really nice! Definitely like that display stand you are considering too!

Sorry, should have clarified - yes full sets lurking. Just change up which ones I have on display sometimes.

Thanks man, yeah the stand is nice right? Very cheap too. I think I’ll get it :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I think he’s the only Korean 10? Haven’t checked pop report in a while.

Also have 1st edition Chinese 10s. Just not the starters :slight_smile:


Very nice!
I like the clean look of your display :grin:

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Me 2.

Recent finds.


Wow were you find the chinese 1st ed recently and base set 1st ed?

Sorry those weren’t recent finds. Stashed in my folder!

The 1st edition and shadowless were a trade. just secured the last Korean cards I needed for a 1st edition set of holos!

Looks like I might be pursuing all the languages now…


I have NM-Mint 8 chinese 1st ed zapdos that I was sure would get a 9, and I got a ungraded alakazam chinese 1st ed in similar condition as the zapdos. There is a korean base set blastoise 1st ed in 10 up on ebay -

Some went for really good price the other day, and I wish I was bidding but I stopped searching stuff because my sister was down :confused:

Good luck with your collections.

Yeah the Chinese and Korean sets grade very tough.

Thanks but I’m done now. Got a 9,9,10 (venusaur) on the Korean starters.

1st edition and unlimited Chinese in PSA 9 and 10. You can see them all on one of my old threads here mate!

I have two PSA 9 Chinese Charizards at PSA now getting regraded. Worthy of 10 but PSA just won’t let me get one! I only have a few Chinese in PSA 10. They’re not as lenient as they are with the English cards.