PokemonChina's Collection - 2016

Can’t go wrong with the classics.

I’ve been thinking of doing the same, as in getting 9s.

Don’t think my wallet can handle much more after finishing the sets I have T__T

Yeah every time I look at the prices of PSA graded cards I’m just stunned by the price difference between a 9 and a 10. Aesthetically, the difference is so minimal that I’d never be able to justify the 10. Same thing with 1st Editions for the most part, unless there’s some other defining thing about that print in particular, I’d much rather invest the difference in cost in another card.

Casual collector confirmed. -looks down in shame-


Sure they will. You can custom slab a toilet paper also if you want.
Custom encapsulation is a little more expansive than normal one tho!


Here’s an option, open it for Pokémons 50th anniversary! 50 year old base holos! Mint!!!

*pushes eyeballs back in sockets*

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sell to me :grin:

Awesome results mate!
What’s an approximate price on psa 10 1st ed Korean base holos?
Any sold lately?

I sold the Alakazam for £350. The others for £200 each.

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That’s around what I was expecting, cheers mate!

Did you grade the PokePark promo cards with BGS yet?

Not yet…sending this week. Had any luck tracking them down?

Yes the blastoise in the set is dark blastoise rather than the base set print.

Can I just say, what an amazing looking box!

Pure sickness. Nice job! I want an ungraded mint copy of that LC Charizard so bad!

Now all you need a no rarity psa 9 no rarity charizard, blastoise and venusaur xD

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)