PokemonEnvy's Collection

Pokemon 10th Anniversary Promo Collection

Pokemon Japanese Base Set No-Rarity

Base Set Collection

Randomness Rarities

\Front Side/

\Back Side/

Coro Coro Magazine Cards

\My Sealed Coro Coro Mew/

\My Opened Coro Coro Mew (should bring a PSA10 in the future)/

\Backside of My Opened Coro Coro Mew/

\Coro Coro Slowking and Magazine. I believe it should bring a PSA-10/

\Coro Coro Scizor and Magazine. I believe it will grade PSA-9 due to skewed centering/

Southern Islands Collections

\My Sealed English Version/

\My Opened English Version w/ Sealed Postcards and Index Page/

\My Opened English Version (second page of 9 cards)/

\My Sealed Japanese Southern Islands Binders (the originals, unlike the common 3-card folders)/

Pokemon-Movie Ancient Mew Collection (all 4 versions)

\1st Printed Ancient Mew w/ “Nintedo” Misspelling (should bring a PSA10)/

\1st Printed Japanese Ancient Mew w/ “Nintedo” Misspelling (back side)/

\2nd Printed Japanese Ancient Mew w/ “Nintendo” Correction and Original Sparkle Hologram (lowest print run)/

\3nd and Final Printed Japanese Ancient Mew w/ Different Hologram Style/

\4th Printed English Version Ancient Mew (should bring PSA10)/

\4th Printed English Version Ancient Mew (back side)/

1998 Japanese Pokémon Red vs. Green Gift Box Deck Set - Sealed

1999 Squirtle/Bulbasaur Intro Pack Half Deck - Sealed

*Still need the Chikorita Half Deck if anyone knows of a way to get one!*

Pokemon Masaki Set

Pokemon Neo 9-Card Sets

\Sealed Neo Genesis 9-Card Binder/

\Sealed Neo Discovery 9-Card Binder/

\Sealed Neo Revelations 9-Card Binder/

Neo Graded Sets

PokePark 9-Card Binders

\Sealed PokePark Forest Green 9-Card Set (1/1000 ever made)/


Very nice! I especially like the 10th movie cards :wink:


Wow such a nice group of cards!

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Amazing man… This dude is legend peeps. be sure not to throw things at him (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Thanks for compliments. I have hours more of cards to post, taking a break for now haha.


Cool stuff

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Thank you, sir.

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Love the sealed southern island folder

Really cool collection, thanks for sharing, I especially like the variants of ancient mew, hats off to you :blush:

Love the Coro Meowth 10.
Nice group…


What’s up with the labeling of those PSA Neos? Is that normally how they get labeled? haha

Going to take a complete stab in the dark here, but you can probably blame @garyis2000 =p

When I went on holidays to the US in early 2000, you could find those promo folios in shops as they were also selling Fossil. I remember this fondly as Fossil wasn’t yet out in Australia.

These folios contained Pokémon not yet released in English so I’m thinking people or possibly Gary sent some in to be graded using the literal English annunciation of the Japanese. Again, just a guess as to the story behind the why. The why is fact afaik.

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I honestly did not even notice their names were off like that. I got a really good deal on them and actually just got them in the mail a couple days ago and did not even think about it haha. I hope it makes them more rare due to being a PSA mistake :blush:.

Thanks! I need to get them all graded so I can have a graded set of them :blush:

They aren’t mistakes though, read my post above for clarification.

PSA making a mistake one the labels does not increase the value of a card either.

Added a few more cards within the past couple days fellas, hope you like :blush:


‘Double white star’ ? That’s awesome, I have had the sealed binder for a while and never thought they were labeled as so. Cool cards, man.

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Yessir, all the Neo Genesis cards have the double-white star on them for their set symbol. I agree, it’s a pretty cool description, almost sounds like a description of a super rare card.

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Guys, I need some opinions. I have an unopened Japanese Red vs. Green gift box deck set and am wondering if I should keep it sealed for awhile or if I should open it and try getting the rare cards graded. I always have a constant battle going on in my head whether to keep things sealed or open them for grading. I would appreciate the opinions on both!

Unless you are going to sell it later keep it sealed. If not then open it, there is some sweet cards you might want to hold like a baby.

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