Quick Starter Gift Box Rarity/Value

Hey all,

I stumbled upon a spare Quick Starter Gift Box a few weeks back and wanted to gather some more information on it. I already have a set in my collection but would like to know exactly how rare these are. Do they pop up for sale often? How much do they generally sell for? I understand sealed is a whole lot more, but I am curious on the history I guess. Gift boxes have really grabbed my interest as of late. :wink:


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I think they’re becoming more scarce like a lot of pokemon boxes. I can’t remember what I paid for my set, I think I bought it from ebirdman like 5 years ago…at around $150 opened…

But, I noticed that there are a ton less listed online, on both ebay.com, and yja. Compared to years ago.

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Thank you both! Exactly what I was looking to find.

In the last year and a half there has been three quickstarter gift boxes (one was my spare which sold for $330) and one team rocket gift set listed on ebay.co.uk.

They don’t pop up that often and the last one went for £130+postage if I remember correctly.

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My experience has been just the opposite. I continue to get a couple of inquiries each week regarding their availability.

The offers have been in the $300 to $400 range. I’ve been holding out for higher prices, and it’s paid off — sold two of them (sealed) for $500 each after initially receiving offers of $325 and $350, respectively, from those buyers.

The three original Pokemon boxed sets are not unlike the original Dungeons and Dragons boxed games — their value is only going to go up as they become older and harder to find.


My guess is that everyone here on the UPCCC who wants them already has one, two or all three. So, it’s going to be more difficult to sell them here (unless somebody is looking for spares), and the prices will most likely be lower.

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I need a quick starter set…but I just dont have the ~$200 or so to spend on it. : (

Good point. I found several potential buyers but one fell off the face of the earth and another seems to want everything I have listed and have no funds to accomplish that. *Sigh;* I appreciate the sage wisdom you and everyone else have offered!

An opened (but otherwise unused) Quick Starter Gift Set sold for 41,000 yen on YJ tonight:


Great goodness. I barely sold mine for $250 (and after a month of waiting).

Do you know why some Y!J auctions seem to end so terribly high?

Yep that’s the one I tried to get. They must be higher in the japanese market right now. I guess more of a nostalgic thing for the japanese than for us. We just want them as collectors but as Japanime mentioned to me they have a tie to nostalgia for them.

I should of bought them at retail for $30 when they were released. :confused:

Dang for $30 you would be making a killing right now haha.

So frustrating to want something that costs so much.

timewaster, welcome to my world…I have been collecting for so long that now the only items I am mainly looking for are all very expensive due to age or rarity (quick starter holos, FA charizard EX, etc).

That’s exactly what I did.

Except I bought them from our wholesaler for 40 percent off retail :grin:

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Double-post. Sorry…

Binx345 I here you most of all I want is pricey!

Japanime I bet you made a bunch off them? How many did you have/sell?

Some people just get too carried away, but we’re also to blame. I remember prices weren’t so crazy in Y!J, hell, I’ve found more deals on eBay lately instead, I just scored a no-rarity Alakazam holo for $12, yes, twelve! lol

Ya seems YJ prices a year ago were more reasonable than now.

Good old supply and demand at it again!