What's up with the Sealed Booster Box Market?

Since I got back into the hobby last March I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on a sealed Japanese Base Set booster box. I had some $ saved, but no luck. I could not find anyone selling them. So murphys law of course the past week when I had to pay tuituion+textbooks a bunch of them appear on eBay.

Here is what I don’t get:

How can the same sealed boxes sell for extremely different prices. I’ve seen three of these on eBay. One sold for $777.77, one for $501.50 and one for even as low as $365!! Do listing times/categories really matter that much!?

The same has happened with U.S. Base set boxes as well. I watched one sell for $520 today and another recently for $750.

Has the “market” always been this unpredictable?

Thanks! (:

Yeah I agree with @bagoly14

Booster boxes are just extremely erratic… there are factors like location, or condition which can sometimes play a role in price. It’s hard to judge.

I myself bought a Japanese grass vs lightening VS booster box for $700+ with shipping… I felt like the biggest loser because a month later I seen the same seller auction these and only reach $225, and another one after that in the $200s. And then again recently one went in the $200s last week…

Why did my auction have to go a retarded price.
I guess we all overpay sometimes.

Hmmm… very interesting. So Japanese cards don’t hold their value as well as U.S. cards? Or is that only because its being sold in the U.S.? (or something else)

well the market has inflated on japanese cards the past couple of years.around the 2009-2012 mark you could still find japanese booster boxes for less than $500 most of the time but as more and more people started collecting the cards and alot of newer people come into the scene prices have risen heck years back people can get base set booster boxes sealed for around 200 now their mark up at 500+

I’ve found that older Japanese booster boxes sell for more here in Japan than they do on eBay in the States. That’s why, for the most part, I’ve been selling off my inventory here.

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I hate that people even buy these with no intention of opening them. Makes no sense to me- it’s just a waste. Still hoping for a Chinese base set box!

Eh, it is a matter of opinion. Personally some items are so rare sealed I would feel guilty opening them.


If that’s your opinion on sealed booster boxes you are going to hate this guy. He’s pretty cool and hes’ now over 150.

Amazing Sealed Booster Box Collection

Hoard (verb): to keep or amass an incredible quantity of desired objects (see: Harry Zontal).

In all seriousness, I think that might be the guy who dropped a grand on the JPN FRLG box.

Wasn’t that box on ebay for $125?

Oh no, I meant the JPN equivalent of FRLG which is properly titled Flight of Legends.

That box on eBay for $125 is for Battle e-Cards. Cool box - but a bit plain in terms of contents.

oh whoops.

Yea boxes have gone up in price. I’m glad I bought the boxes when I did.
Some of the boxes i bought last year doubled from what I paid.

Haha yes you’re right. that annoyed me. What a waste of something that’s supposed to be opened and enjoyed. Just remember guys - we can’t take these things with us when we die!

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God bless this man. Yes, a thousand times yes. Keep everything sealed that we still can. Preserving history. I applauded.



WTF!He could open a shop lol.

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