Quick Starter Gift Set


Would you say this is a good buy? Seller sent me a detailed photo of the imperfection which came out to be just a bit of whitening…

It’s an excellent price, you can get them at Y!J for about 1,000 Yen which is about $10 and not including shipping, so you definitely got a great deal! :blush:

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It’s about a $25+ card so you did great :blush:

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How much would you value the rest of the quick starter set? I recently bought Zapdos and Moltres in near mint condition (will add pictures when they arrive) for $50 each :confused: I wanted to have them really bad, not sure if that was a good deal tho…

Don’t think about it too much, these sell in the US and eBay for that price, so don’t beat yourself over the thought of having overpaid, just be happy you have them! :blush:

Which ones are you missing from the set?

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still missing Scyther and Articuno


guess I made up for the last purchase :blush:

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congrats! what are the conditions?

Thanks! He said near mint or better… Can’t wait to see myself. I think the japanese base set Zapdos might be a goodie aswell :blush:

You should tell me what it is since I can’t access that link right now. :grin:

Try this one :wink:

It’s a restricted wifi because I’m at work. Haha. No eBay for me.

Lol okay. Well I was able to pick up 10 Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos cards containing the quick starters for $30 in pretty good condition (I hope :stuck_out_tongue:)

Well that’s a pretty good deal, assuming condition works out in your favor.

I have an extra Scyther if you’re interested, send me a PM and I’ll forward you some pics.

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