7/25/13 - Quick Starter Gift Set Holos

Yes, that’s right, this beautiful set. I personally love each one of these cards. Even the Master Ball is nice looking. It is definitely high up on my list of cards to get in the near future. My favorites are the Zapdos, due to the background, and the Scyther, due to the pose.

What about you? What’re your favorites? What would you pay for a complete set? Would you purchase a sealed Quick Starter box?

I like Articuno the most, then Zapdos. I find the Moltres looks too much like a colored pencil drawing.

All of these cards are amazing! I would gladly pay $30 per card (except maybe Master Ball) but I don’t think I would buy the sealed box. It’s just too expensive. I should have bought the one I saw for $100 on ebay but it went to a good person on here so I can’t really be upset about that :wink:
Anyway, Articuno has got to be my favorite by far! I think the Zapdos just looks strange…

That Articuno is a boss!
This is imo one of the greatest promo sets ever released. If you have plans to buy the set I would not suggest buying a sealed gift box. It’s just too expensive and would only make sense if you want to have the cards graded. Your chances of finding them in near mint or better condition on ebay or Y!J are pretty good. They should be in every top collection tho :blush:

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I hear the person whom sold this lot on Ebay recently is extremely awesome and good looking :stuck_out_tongue:. Were you the one that bought it from me?

The fact that all of the electric cards from the deck are themed around the power-plant is pretty neat, but Moltres certainly has the neatest art.

Ahhaa, no, I didn’t buy it from you. I really wish I did though!

By the way, nice picture :wink:

Are all the Master Balls from this set holo, or is there a non-holo version?

I believe only holo, but I could be mistaken.

Is that Master Ball holo or non-holo? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was in the Vending set I think, so the nonholo one is from there.

From Bulbapdia
In Japan, this card was first released as part of the Extended Sheet 2 of the Vending Machine cards…It was also reprinted in the Quick Starter Gift Set as an exclusive Holofoil card…

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So is that one holo? Sorry for bugging you haha

I would say the second picture includes the holo one from the quick starter gift set (the one you are looking for). To be 100% certain tho you should ask the seller or maybe your middleman to contact the seller :wink: sometimes it’s hard to tell from the picture because the Masterball from Vending series looks the same especially if you can’t see the holo shine. If there is no chance to get in touch with the seller and the price is not too high I would risk buying the lot (from the second picture) in that case. I’m 90% sure tho

Oh and by the way: This specific Masterball card comes in gym challenge, gift set, vending series and some reprint set or at least a more recent set which I can’t recall at the moment. The one from the gift set is the rarest and only holo version of it.

@daelum, ahah, don’t worry about it. And yeah, it looks like it, but as AA said, it can’t hurt to ask. However, if it’s on Y!J, and thus harder to contact the seller, I would take the risk since it really does look it.

Thanks for the help! This post got me interested in getting the full (holo) set :blush:

You should definitely do so, they are a joy :blush: I’ll keep my eyes open for a complete set!

Agree with the posters above, the Quick Start holo set is really unique. Beautiful artwork + holo is a combination that cannot be beat. Not to mention they are not too common

I regret choosing thee to be the COTW because now there will be more competition for me to get them ;D

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I prefer to have the sealed box in mint condition.